Release 223: Venerable Forging!


Yep - sorry about that. I’ve corrected the release note. We’d mislabelled the items. Likely because the game uses different names internally and externally.


I know I’m a few days late, but I had the same problem using Xbox controller on pc. I died. Alot. Because of that exact same thing and boy was I mad! The difference on controller was If you pushed the button, it rotated both opposed to holding down the button to rotate a single one. Switched the settings in the menu, and it fixed about 80% of my deaths haha!!


Updated OP with details of 223.2.


That was a quick forge fix, thanks! Just in time for weekend forging.


So i just tried consuming a starberry pie with a persisting pie. Who would’ve thought they still cancelled one another even without a well-fed buff? I mean what’s the purpose of those changes to the pies if they still can’t be consumed with the other pies. Ah my disappointment.


The starberry gives you an energy regen buff. Use the Earthyam line for hunger regen without buff loss.


It was changes to the soups that made it so you can have a persisting pie going and refill more energy

Edit: tho with the comment before mine I guess I’m not half right and you can eat an earthyam pie.


That’s the difference between


The Earthyam foods are the only ones meant to be used in conjunction with buff food. With Starberry you now choose between mining faster (not stopping for energy as often) and extending the life of the tool (Persisting).


I also wasted a persisting pie in my early excitement. Ah well…


Yeah i wanted energy regen.


I dont think eating starberry soup makes any difference in regards to losing persisting pies? One question though! I just realized we have recovery brews. Do they do the same thing as the starberry pie?


Soup/loaf/pie it’s the same.


Yea I forgot they added a starberry soup now.


Update OP for details of today’s hotfix.

Signs of life from the devs?
Testing 222: Venerable Forging!

That was the first thing I checked today before making a topic about it :grin:


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