Release 227: Decorative Crops!


Can’t wait to get off work to play! Thanks @james and dev team! You guys are doing the Loort’s work!


Exactly what im worried about. 2 of my neighbors have been gone for weeks. Luckily i redid road ownership from my alt to my main to link my two builds before this update because I likely wouldve lost everything in that whole vertical plot since their house was there first. I still think it should’ve started in the off toggle so inactive beacons wouldnt be an issue


It says you can plant the new deco seeds in grass. Does that mean they grow through the grass, or will replace it?


I could plant flowers in tall grass but couldn’t put grass around a matured one already or planted ones. Not sure if it will destroy the grass once mature though


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


What would cause my plots to not generate a reservation?

Edit: Later found out this unbuilt road is not 10k prestige yet so won’t reserve plots.


I meant to mention this while the patch was still active in testing but; could we please get a count of border-reserved plots in the beacon details?

And I don’t mean the full vertical count. :stuck_out_tongue: Just the count of how many columns are reserved in total by the border system; such as if you had a beacon control with a single claimed plot (and with enough prestige), then that would be 24 columns are reserved (I think my maths are correct) and it would show that in the beacon’s details.

Though, it was somewhat disappointing to see that no visual cue or identifying markers were added for the border reservation plots in build-mode, as this would be of great use to everyone, especially PS4 players that aren’t able to access debug like PC players.

All-in-all I appreciate that it was a fast release though, especially for the search function!

Edit: And a big thank you for making thousandth separators work on tracked feats. :slight_smile:


Next update will make the beacon plot view visible for PS4 players.


Love the new filters!

One thing, though, that the filter search needs is a quick clear. Having to go back up and click in the search bar and delete out the search seems a bit clunky. Like an “x” or “clear” button that clears out the current filters.


These QoL improvements are so goood! :+1::+1::+1:


This is extremely amazing news for us ps4 players. I can’t wait for this added functionality.
Hope it comes sooner rather than later but of course don’t want anything rushed.


Errr, why is that filter list so far away from the main GUI. It’s not supposed to be there.


Lemme look at it again…might be my settings…edited to add:

My settings are prob not the norm…


Ok, can confirm. It was because I altered the HUD and Interface scales to 75% instead of 100%. When I put them at 100%, the sorting menu moves to the right:


A shameful bug.


During my final testing on beta prestige crops would give around 50 prestige to the beacon I was on when fully grown, however adding another marble block added a whopping 120 prestige and I already had tons of marble in the settlement.

This makes little sense to me, as marble is a permanent block that you never ever have to maintain. However prestige crops require constant replacement and offer less than half of what a marble block offers.

Also it only offer 1 prestige during the huge growing stage then you get the 50 prestige for 3 stages and the final stage is a horrific 1 prestige again.

Sure I love these plants they look lovely, but for prestige value they really are awful. I suggest making them about 4X the amount when fully grown. I suggest the following changes:

*****X1 Current Prestige Value when Planted
*****X2 Current Prestige When Stage 2
*****X4 Current Prestige When Full Grown
*****X4.5 Current Prestige during Wither 1
*****X3.5 Current Prestige during Wither 2
*****X1.25 Current Prestige when withered.


Or reduce the prestige value to the same value as refined stones, and make these ornemental flowers permanent.


Here I was all happy with the new features…and turns out it’s got bugs :spider::spider::spider::spider: darn it


The Decorative crops return: 50, 80, 80, 50 and 100 prestige.

Prestige takes many things into account - most significantly the variation of block values.


Yeah I know prestige takes many things into account but I made new separate beacons and stuff with nothing in them and marble was still far more valuable even when they were fully grown :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know the exact calculations and stuff but it felt like marble far outstripped the prestige plants at different stages. Maybe you guys changed the values and stuff at some point I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally I would just like to say overall I love the crops and the way they can randomly move between stages as well as how they look is fantastic.