Release 227: Decorative Crops!


The updated marble looks fantastic, the knowledge search is great, and the prestige plants look nice enough to get me off my butt and start farming for grains to make em. love it :heart:


I love these. Don’t even care about the prestige, lol. Got probably a thousand tuber plants just for decoration around my tree. Gonna start replacing all of them.


Anyone have trouble dropping items from a smart stack, now? I know I used to be able to hover over one item in a stack and press X (on PC).

Inventory stacks

Did the planting seeds action speed get increased? It feels so much faster now! And I love it!! <3 I planted my garden really fast :slight_smile: yay


I had a crop of 20 black goo in rock turn in to ashen mint. All of them.

I’m not expecting or asking for any action, especially since I harvested it, like a dummy. But it looks like they changed with the update. Wanted to put it out there to see if any one else had the same experience!


I had this issue earlier. Tried to remove a piece of resin from my atlas and I couldn’t get it to come out of the atlas.


Something similar happened last update I believe also.


Yup and we are SoL


I used to like it but now am very thankful that you’ve fixed the bug where it resets the time to day when you go to sanctum if you haven’t completed the tutorial. I can’t count the times I’ve been out looking for gleam, it finally becomes night, and then I die.
Thank you Devs!

I am also impressed with the new beacon options and the slew of bug fixes, bravo Devs!


Same thing happened to me on Ps4.


What’s going on with oort drops from meteors? They seem lowered since update.


Probably cuz new “crop” drops too so it takes away from something. I got 1 oort 1 ore and 1 crop earlier today from lost meteor when usually 3 oort or 2 oort and something.


I’ve got my farm set up for sustainable farming, so all my seed returns are at 100% or more. I had no issues with any of my crops, except for Rice. I just harvested all the ripe rice plants, and don’t have enough seed to replace what I harvested. I’ll keep a better eye on it tomorrow, and see if I have more specifics.


Im sure you need space in your main inventory for it to go in to.

Same with the atlas. If there is no room in your main inventory, you won’t be able to remove the plugged item.


Resin is quite sticky, after all. :joy:


From the screenshot it looks likes he’s trying to drop(read discard) the titanium from the smart stack to the floor. As in no longer in his inventory at all.

Also since I have no clue what x does on pc that could be exactly what he said too.


I have noticed that on angles my rice crop had a lower return than flat land. I haven’t taken the time to see if I can tweak it or not. Until then, I put a few rows of Seed Yield in the rice field to allow me to get enough seeds.


This is correct. X on PC is the remove from inventory altogether key. It no longer does so when trying to remove a single item from a SS. It still does work properly when trying to remove the WHOLE stack.

Also, oddly enough, it works on single items (just not when in a SS) but the menu option does not show up along the bottom row like it does on that SS in the pic.


I had no issues today with being short on Rice seeds. So the bug isn’t repeatable, or it was human error. :grin:


Interesting. Is your crop the one we see that is a cascading set of areas for seeds that water flows down over or just a field? If the water flowing layout do you have seeds on the angle areas that flow down? If so, what is the result of the return you are getting? I get lower than 100% on those.