Release 227: Decorative Crops!


I’ve got my rice fields tiered with sloped areas for water, but I cannot figure out a way to add the flowing water and get all the rice crops to grow quickly. I always get at least 1 that says cannot grow, probably from too much water blocking out the light? I need to set some time aside to figure it out. So right now, it’s just a field.

But the flowing water only effects the length of time to maturity I believe. I think I understand what you’re asking and I took 2 screenshots so you can see what my crop says either way.


Thank you for doing the screenshot. I couldn’t get to the game to do it.

So I put a walk way on each side of my field and made it smaller before I did the angle down. I then had water underneath the walk way to support the normal growing process. The walk way allows me to then turn on flowing water and allows it to flow down over everything. I let that run to grow and turn it off to harvest.

It is that angle though that cannot be 100% when I am trying to harvest. I think it is how I have the water on the side under the walk way… I just haven’t taken the time to figure out where I went wrong.

Decorative Crops lasting less than 2 weeks?

Really happy with the new plants :heart_eyes:



Nice … Now keep them growing Vex :grinning: :+1::+1:


If you break the deco crops, will they drop the original seed you planted?
Scared to try, lol


I haven’t done that yet…also scared to try. I think if you do it before it’s fully bloomed, you might get the seed back. Afterwards, I don’t think you will…not sure


Indeed fully mature and withered plants don’t give seeds back.
You need to craft new ones :+1::grinning:


Thanks : )


Maybe the devs should increase the minimum prestige then perhaps could reduce the issues we are having. For example, the beacon has to reach hamlet or village status to get tbe buffer protection


If you’re able to get hamlet or village status, you have enough plots to just… plot what you need. If anything, the reserved area is needed for new players.


I thought the buffer protection is to prevent settlements merging thus protecting its settlements’ identities


That was not mentioned, as far as I know. And it only takes 1 person per settlement to merge them anyway, so I doubt this would really help for bigger settlements.

This was the reasoning:

I read that as it’s mainly to keep neighbors away if you don’t want them. And everyone who played the game for an extended time, will just plot enough to keep neighbors out of sight.


I’m not sure how these two things relate.

  • Outpost - 10,000
  • Hamlet - 50,000
  • Village - 250,000
  • Town - 1,250,000
  • City - 6,500,000
  • Great City - 32,000,000

I have a 3x3x3 that’s a village at 300k+.

I think one of my 1x3 (maybe 1x4) gyosha shops is a hamlet, too.


A new player builds with rocks or wood and will not reach 300k prestige. A new player is going to farm the blocks with a copper tool, which will take forever. Just the rock requirement of a single brick masscraft will look insane to him. 300k is A LOT!

If you’re able to get to 300k prestige you’re using valuable materials like iron blocks, bricks, a lot of gleam, deco blocks, or something like that. You will have forged 3x3 tools. And if you have forged 3x3 tools you will get a lot of XP and therefore plots. if you’re 3x3x3 village needs protection, I’m sure you can spare the plots. You won’t depend on the free 2 plot wide reservation.


I went to confirm this statement, and realized I plotted down 1 for some hidden gleam. So this hamlet is actually a 2x3. Then I realized HOLY ■■■■:

I’ve never ever had that kind of footfall before. The most I’ve ever gotten off of this beacon was barely over 10k in over a week of not collecting.

I’m totally shocked. I was by here a couple of days ago checking stock and didn’t even bother to collect, I’m fairly certain that this is over 50k coins of footfall in the last 3 - 4 days. Maybe 60k.

The number of people coming around to check on the beacon situation must have been amazing this week.

EDIT: My adjacent shop was also quite stunning :slight_smile:

Since March or so this is over 2 months worth of normal footfall for me here, easily.

CRAZY I could get spoiled like that.


lol gg :+1:

people often tell me they made 50k in sales in one day or got tens of thousands in ff. Some people do really really well. New people coming in almost everyday it seems…until the big change. If you rec’d extra ff…it may just be from folks comparing plot issues or something. Some people have also said they got zero footfall yesterday even though they made sales. Lots of things might be a little wonky right now :woman_shrugging:


Also, with the newest items the devs have been adding…people are looking for and buying all sorts of supplies that people might not have been interested in before. That’s a plus + :+1:


I’m guessing it’s this. In any case my jaw hit the floor. I’m not sure if I’ve ever collected that much footfall in a single pickup before. On any beacon anywhere. My main build with shop and hub rarely makes that in a month.


From my view, this buffer protection could easily allow a beacon with 1 plot to have “additional” 24 plots (i might be wrong here. Correct me later) without actually spending his/her plots

I agree with this. Those player would have enough plots to keep the neighbours out.

I am proposing a special beacon type or a toggle in a beacon to change its type from normal beacon to reservation beacon

The reservation beacon is simply a “fence”. It will not have a settlement status, doesn’t generate footfall but it can still be built on

Beacon Protection buffers in Release 227 Status

Confirmed on live servers.


I want to add that fully plotting “empty space” still leaves you with plotted space and someone can merge to it.

AFAIK the buffer plots will not allow a merge. This really makes the two not directly compare.