Release 233: New Block Types and Closed Storage are here!

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time again, we are currently rolling out the latest update to Boundless! Next time you head into the game, you’ll find some great new content to play with, alongside all the usual tweaks and fixes that go into a regular release.

For a while, players have been asking for a wider range of decorations for your Builds, so we thought we’d put together something which both adds style and function for your Beacons.

We’ve expanded the suite of Storage options available to all Citizens. This first batch includes a Plain Chest, Ornate Box, and Stylish Barrel in Wood, and a range in Stone. Now you can keep your Resources stashed away while displaying the pride of your collection on Shelves and open Storage Blocks.

A huge range of new Blocks are making their Boundless debut with this update. Concrete, Metal Filigree, Trellises and a Decorative Frieze are just some of the new arrivals. From vast Fish Scale Mosaic decorations to elaborate sci-fi designs resembling Circuit Board, we can’t wait to see what Citizens can come up with!

With such a wide selection of materials available for building, we can’t wait to see what some of our super creative citizens can come up with this time. Be sure to share your screenshots with us!

This release also contains the architecture for our Halloween event, kicking off on Thursday! For all the details on that, you can head to our separate thread, and check out what’s coming to spook you this year in Boundless.

If you’d like to see the detailed patch notes, I’ll link them here;

If you prefer a video rundown, then here’s Jiivita as always!

Thanks all, enjoy the new additions and I’ll see you in there



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Great work team boundless :clap:t3: @SamF do you have an ETA for the update to go live?
(So I don’t have to keep spamming X on my controller) :joy:


It’s currently going through the cogs with Steam and Sony, I’ll let everyone know once we’re live. Shouldn’t be too long!


Thank you thank you thank you!! :+1::smile::smile: So much appreciate all the work!

While in the office today will be envious of the rest of you all playing! :wink: Be sure to post lots of screenshots of what you’re doing, y’all! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what everyone starts doing, and will give me my fix until I play tonight!

Edit: Got the update downloading now! :smiley:


And there i was planning to go to bed early today… guess i’ll be working on 2 hours of sleep tomorrow! (Dont worry, im no air-traffic controller!)


And we’re live! Go go go


Great work! Thanks!!! Will be a Boundless night for me. :boundless:


what took the prestige hit? I lost over 500k is there an updated block prestige count?

I think Marble is giving less prestige now.

figures a lot of my builds are marble

I’m so ready to start our new expansion of the dome with the new marble recipe! Unfortunately can’t play till Wednesday night!

Yes that update needed to make me happy but now its the opposite we lost 1mio prestige and we lost one place i worked hard for that…

Im more focus with this problem than new blocks … in reality i not yet see new blocks and i don’t care …

So next time pls don’t touch prestige…

Prestige give me taste to make more sometimes in a day now that taste has disappeared

Really dissapointed

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All of my seeds from last year automatically were converted to spooky orbs?
I don’t see where to use them for spiders?

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I don’t think the Halloween recipes come till the 24th.

I think I lost between 1.5 & 2M prestige. :frowning:

I use lots of mosaic, maybe it’s that.

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The whole of Trung dropped 10 to 12m in prestige…

I am now further away from being a Grreat City, sigh

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All of my seeds in my storage on the live servers turned to orbs. I thought we were going to be using them to grow spiders or had the option to convert them to orbs. :worried::woman_shrugging:


Yup mine too, kinda odd

The ability to use them most likely will not be available till the 24th for the Halloween event release. From my understanding.