[Release 247] World Rendering Glitches While Flying

After flying around for a while on the new Creative Party World, the world started glitching out below me. Sometimes I would come close to a collision with a mountain or player built tower because it would render in at the last second.

Here’s a video to show what I mean…

To recreate: Just fly around for a while.

This happened on test as well. Pretty sure one of the devs (maybe @lucadeltodecso ?) Mentioned the reason fly speed is capped at what it is is because it’s already so fast that you can outrun the world chunks loading in at times. Which is what’s happening here. Not sure if there’s really a fix for it but I can confirm this was happening on the test server


Thanks, Gerentt. It wasn’t a big deal for me personally but just wanted to report that it was happening. But you’ve confirmed that it’s already known about and that’s good enough for me.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: