Release Date

Just wondering if there is a release date yet. I bought into the kickstarter and had forgot about Ort until I was going through my emails. Thanks.

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The release date is Summer 2016 as far as I know. There is no exact date by now.

They havent said summer, they said 2016 though, that part is correct.

Oh, wow. Last I had heard was fall of 2015.

Nah, it was supposed to launch at the end of 2015, however it turns out that was a very idealistic date and that they cant hold it.

then again while its a bummer, i would rather have a fully fleshed out game a bit later rather than ‘‘releasing’’ something completely unplayable, wouldnt you too?


Agreed, I just don’t want to see it in endless early access like I have seen so many before it.

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Yeah, it’s a risk for sure. From what I’ve seen there’s a pretty singular focus on rounding the game out now, and focusing on what it needs to be something that is release worthy. Seems like there’s good progress being made there (check the devlog posts, if you want to catch up)


Don’t worry, neither do I!