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Thanks @james I appreciate the response! (and my apologies for opening pandoras box! :flushed:)

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Just to point out, Release 115 (which introduced Beacons and Trading) was made available back in December 2015, which was last month.

lol that was last year

Okay … so now the offical way … i made an edit because i think you read a bit fast over it …

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, you did mention Release 115, but I wasn’t sure from reading your original post whether you knew when it was released or not. Still, you clarified your post here, which makes more sense now.


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yep … same problem here … but the wiki post is a cool idea :slight_smile: thanks again @james

@Stretchious: i don’t add more questions ATM. So you can edit without problems.


Thanks @Heurazio - I’m done for now - will let someone else have a go :smiley:

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Topic 1.2. is less “building” and more “world shaping / regeneration” it think
1.2.3 is a farm a realistic idea? animal reproduction for food / harvesting of different fruits and vegetables?
5.5 other long time motivations like “success system with rewards?”
9.2. about how long tdo you think will it take to implement the new worlds and kill the infinite mode?
19. which kind of monsters we will definetly see else? any other concepts know yet except the introduced arts? How big will they be,how do we handle them, whant are they able to do?

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@smoothy I added your questions into James’s wiki post for you, so they’re all in one place :wink:

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ah, that’s how it works! Everyone can edit the topic. That’s good :slight_smile: I searched for kind of link and didn’t find.
Thank you for doing it.
Maybe we should put that wiki into the “dev board” without our comments. Just one long post that will always be refreshed?

So, out of furtune I just hit today on this video. It inspired me a bit and made me think of this discussion.
@ben @james please delete this post, if it should not be shown (because of other company stuff). I don’t know if it is not appropriate. And for people who don’t like the game he is talking about, try to understand his developers view, that#s why I posted here. The video by the way is english, even when link maybe is german

But it nicely shows in what similar kind of situation you guys at the moment are. So it’s reasonable. But there are 2 or 3 things i think they are worth to also do and not do.


  1. I think it’s cool idea to inform by kind of this videos. It’s very personal!
  2. It sometimes is also necessary to show where are your limits
  3. He explains why something is announced and other things are not. But I think it’s also okay to announce things carefully, being thinking of something and if the idea was killed by some reason, call the reason. Even when people cheer for something, they should be intelligent enough to understand a reasonable stop of it.


  1. he did say: we should inform you more! But he actually just apologize and didn’t introduce anything new. That’s why I think that video is pretty useless for his matter.
  2. video should be filled when talking about stuff with little pictures, videos, demonstration to underline the said

I think you are exaggerating quite a bit here.
As @Havok40k said, everything below “Oortian” is just an early access backer. There is a lot more than spending 30,90,150 bucks on an EA game to become a shareholder.

yeah maybe (sometimes you need to exaggerate to rais awareness) … but that’s why i changed from “shareholders” to “customers/shareholders” … but i think that ALL backers aggregated are much more than “only” backers. roughly aggregated we have raised ~430k € which is not “that few” for an unfinished software project (which have a statistical high rate of failure). It’s not a million (or two or three or what amount Wounderstuck needs). and even if i have exaggerated at this point the core issue is not wrong.

the sad truth is that everyone who is disappointed quits the game (most of the time) and you’ll never see him again. so you don’t get negativ feedback because everyone who’s disappointed stops responding / answering / writing. and maybe this is one of the reasons why there are 1.1k registered users and only feeled 100 of them are active more than once a week (but this is highly hypoteticaly).

i REALLY appreciate the fast reaction of the @devs (in special @james, @vdragon) in this situations. what happend (and this much faster than i’d expect it)

  1. they have updated the official page
  2. there is a QA Wiki post and i hope all questions will be answered in the near future

Fast reactions and the will to explain stuff and answer questions (within a reasonable time) is something i’ve missed - a lot - the last months. i KNOW they are bussy but for me the situation reached a point where i was no longer happy with the informations we recieved. as you can see, there are others feeling the same and there are also others feeling the exact oposite of me. i’m sure this has to do with the expectations we have in EA and/or growdfounding and the personal contribution to something you like or hope it will be a great game.

if i’ do not want to be part of the development process i would not have bought it as EA but I was delighted within the first second and i really like to see B< become one of the best MMOs / Sandbox Games i’ve ever played.

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I just waited for someone to post this video^^
He is in a completely different situation. HS is F2P which means they have to rely much more on the surprise of new content.
][ on the other hand is “pay once, play forever”, which means the devs won’t get anymore money because of anything they kept secret. This doesn’t mean they should reveal everything but it reduces the money factor a F2P game has.

Also like you said, even if something is announced and gets cancelled then we won’t riot if there is a good reason for it.
The money factor plays into this too. Because we won’t have to pay more and the devs won’t be afraid of a boykott.

The HS dev team seems a bit incompetent at least how they justify things and how the game seems to be programmed. So they need even more communication because the community is rather skeptical.
The ][ dev team has the trust of us because they’ve never disappointed us (yet). So there’s less of a need for communication.

But I still agree that there is still a need for a bit more communication.

@Vastar and @Havok40k Yes you can buy the highest package to get the skype call but there should be a baee level of information which I think isn’t quite there yet.
Even though, the devs are really active compared to many other EAs. (Or at least that’s what I heard.)


I watched that Hearthstone video last night (big fan of that game). I agree it’s a good format, thanks for sharing.

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Cool, i’ll watch the vid later today! For your info, i’m pretty sure it is okay/legal to post other company related stuff into game forums, since it isn’t the developer implementing Hearthstone into the development of the game.

I’m a big fan too, what a pity you are probably on US Server :wink:

Why should he be?
Today I was beat by a Ben^^ might have been him^^ (That Ben was very polite^^)
btw. Might be a bit (much) off topic^^

Some of the best community involvement and communication I have seen a developer handle goes to Digital Extremes and their bi-weekly Dev live stream. The regulars on the stream are the Head of community relations. the Game Director, Content Director, Art Director, aaaaand… I am forgetting the last one. They have also brought on other members of the team like the people in charge of UI development and such.

They actively respond to the Twitch chat and have been very candid about their development process they go through on features. Including talking about when something doesn’t work and why they are scraping some plans they have been working on to redo them in a new direction.

They have even developed and named things from the Twitch chat. Most notable Item I can think of was when showing off one of the new frames they were going to be releasing soon. They did not have a name for the frame yet and actually ended up giving it a name from the chat. (Limbo if anyone is curious.)

They have also been willing to take advice and suggestions from the streams. Listing a few features they were currently working on and asking the community which one to focus on for the next update. The rest would be coming shortly as well, but they let the community pick which one to throw their staff at and get done first.

Keen Software House (Space and Medieval Engineers) has also been diligent about regular updates, bug fixes, and announcements. I believe they put out one video a week. Some only a few minutes long some bigger.

They very actively look at what the players are building and doing with the game. A notable example was the rotors. They saw where members of the community had figured out a way to make spinning rings. The vessels could no move with it but they were making some cool retro style builds with these parts being ale to move. 

Within a few week they implemented rotors to the game. Also with in the following weeks they added more tweaks and functionality based on community feedback. 

Granted, B< is in a much earlier state than these games were when they started these activities. Just bringing up as food for thought.