Remap another key to replace my broken ESC key?

Is there a config file or somesuch that I can modify to change my public universe game to let me change the mapping for the ESC commends to a different key? The machine I had with the broken letters died and now i’m back on the one I had before that that shorts out a bunch and has broken ESC and F1 keys. I would need ESC to get to the settings menu the normal way.

And yeah this means I can’t go back to the sanctum without dying and can’t quit the game voluntarily. :smiley:

wrt solutions on the machine itself, i’m on a macbook pro 2015 running mojave

Apparently, even if you used a virtual keyboard to get into the menu, re-mapping might be a problem:

You might be able to get an app to remap your keys in windows, or just turn on windows virtual keyboard and use it occasionally when you need to make changes there.

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Auto Hot Key would be a good solution for this. You could remap any key on your keyboard to do something else for example A input gives B output.

This also works for ESC as output.

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You could always borrow a ps4 controller…steam automaps the buttons :wink:

thanks, i’m on mac OS but I keep thinking there has to be some feature like that somewhere

thanks, i have no means with which to borrow one, very isolated and in the bonies, but the wear and tear definitely has me thinking about whether i’d be able to play better if i could get used to a console