Remapped "interact key" not working in Sanctum

I remapped “interact key” from “E” to “Num /” on keypad. The interact key seems to be working everywhere except in Sanctum when I want to portal back home. I have to go into settings and remap key to “E”, then press “E” to interact with warp conduit. Then switch back to “Num /”.

Please fix.

It’s working fine for me. Is there any other information you can provide? For example, what platform are you playing on (PC / Mac / Desktop / Laptop)? Does you keyboard have a separate numpad, or do you have to switch to it using a function key?

Hi, I am playing on PC, Win 10 64-bit, resolution 5760 x 1080 using NVidia Surround with SLI. I’m using a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard (keypad built into keyboard). Now that you verified your “Num /” works I wonder if it’s SLI mode.

Is there a way I can assign an alternate key? I would assign “E” as alternate key to “Num /” and simply use E while in Sanctum.

vdragon, I went to Sanctum today and Num / is working. I’m not sure if I did anything different (I have started to use Windows key to bring up Windows task bar and switch to Firefox so I can lookup still while in-game). I’ll play around with this more and see if I can break / fix it and let you know.