Remove centraforge and replace with?

Sorry, Work made me late to this rubble pounding party.

It doesn’t have to be easier.

RNG is not = to difficulty
RNG is = to bull████

Even a brain dead monkey can most likely pull a slot machine lever.

I don’t agree with this, when I witness people buying things like rock and stone, and other materials that anyone should be able to collect themselves but for whatever reason don’t/wont. then I am sure the lack of RNG will not mean everyone is going to make there own tools,

Furthermore I would debate that If I had my way with how the forge should work and make it based off of skill based events and not RNG, A system that requires skill, fast thinking and/or reaction time to execute correctly, the forge would be a lot more difficult to operate then it is right now. for the reason mentioned in my reply to AeneaGames

Yes there should be some rare things, but there isn’t anything exciting that is rare in this game. They should add extremely rare cosmetic drops, or pets, or mounts, or an item skin, or something that is unlike everything we do already have with a drop rate somewhere between 0.01% to 0.001%.

And they could add in rare drops for crafting special types of items, NOT forging an existing item, NOT buffing an existing item, but something 100% new.

I am a hardcore player and I disagree with RNG being an requirement to keep hardcore players.

RNG haves its place in some areas. Mainly Loot tables, The Centraforge is not one of them in my book


Haven’t read through all posts but I don’t think it should be changed at all. If max everything was just given to people or one hammer does 1x3 and another does 3x3 I don’t see many people mining or collecting the gems for a tool that does 1x3 or cross aoe. Even dungeons on other mmos you’re not guaranteed a tool/armor that will help you. It’s all rng. Why toss out rng? If you’re ok with it in other games you should be ok with it in boundless on the one thing that’s rng

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I am ok with it in other games because most other games (not counting Korean MMOs, They are sadistic with this) use RNG in a manor that seems fine or even good in some cases.

its not RNG that i don’t like, it is the implementation.

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What’s the detail on the coin generator machine people have mentioned?
I can’t find anything when searching.

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Yeah Korean mmos are just mean and hurtful lol. I think if put in 3 booms of one kind it should only fall under that kind. I hate/don’t understand why 3 effect gums gives me an ease boon. That I hate and yes needs to be changed.

I haven’t played black desert online for that simple reason lol

Because the Centraforge is a crafting machine. Crafting in every single other MMO that the majority of people have ever played have never been RNG based. Why should that ever change in any game that claims to have the identity of a MMO? To be different? Extremely terrible reason.

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Where is the rng for this mmo (boundless) than? The most logical place would be forging because you don’t have dungeons to re run to collect the loot. If added dungeons to run 100 times until you get what you want or need than in my opinion forging is the next best thing to running a dungeon 10-20-30 times until you get what you want. If had dungeons for the rng factor than yes take it off forging. Sorry had a “few” if wrong about what you meant I’m sorry.

Whether we have dungeons or not is irrelevant. Having a crafting machine produce RNG results is.

There was plenty of RNG before the Centraforge came along. Nobody asked for more.

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Or just add this and get rid of how we make tools now

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Look RNG in games can be bad, very very bad, but the forging process gives you ways to prevent and/or counteract the bad luck. If the monkey is indeed brain dead then they can’t handle that, the ones with at least half a working brain do get consistent results.

Granted at times even I am baffled by the RNG results but 9 times out of 10 I can deal with it in such a way to still get a good outcome. They way you deal with such things is what you do get from experience and indeed by using your brain. It’s NOT just pulling a lever on a slot machine where you have no influence on the outcome whatsoever…

Yes, let’s do it with reaction time! Now that is an excellent idea! Suddenly we need to thi, oh wait, no, even a brain dead monkey can be trained to click at the right times all they need is fast reacion speed which we all have naturally since we are all 14!

I could live with a system that actually requires you to think, not fast thinking, not reaction time based, thinking. No matter if you stare at the screen for an hour or do it in 3 seconds, you need to think. Doing it reaction time based means some people will not be able to do it. You’re forgetting people of quite differing ages play this. Heck, I am not all that young and I notice my reaction speed is still fast but not as fast as it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago so introducin a system like this would most certainly not go over well. Then I rather have some RNG that I know I can counteract but my reaction speed can’t be improved…

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I would be interested to know what sort of percentage of players who regularly forge high end gear are full time players in comparison to regular players. My definition of a regular players is someone who plays regularly (most days of the week, not every day) but probably only about a 1-2 hours weekdays and at least 2-3 times that at the weekend. Basically someone who has a fulltime job in real life and a family.
I would absolutely love to take the time to master the forge, even just to be moderately proficient but find it impossible to accumulate all the necessary ingredients to then be able to justify sacrificing them in the hope that I might produce something useable. I find the list of ingredients for forging pretty overwhelming and offputting especially as the descriptions are so vague and generic that to be honest I find them of no help whatsoever. Yes I know there are spreadsheets that other players have kindly produced and shared but then what does that say about the forging system that players have to resort to doing so much research just to engage with what is a fundamental part of the game. At the moment I have managed to make basic stuff like changing chisels, loot magnets, etc but the ingredients for anything high end just seems too much unless I quite my job and do this fulltime… but then of course I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage etc so this game wouldn’t be of any concern anyway.
So far I have been picking away using iron tools for pretty much everything and spending what coin I accumulate on power coils for all my machines, yesterday I finally took the plunge and spent the last of my coin on a forged high end hammer. Luckily I enjoy the building aspect of Boundless more than anything else so that’s what I spend most of my time doing but of course because some people find that too difficult or hard work or grindy there is now talk of introducing a blueprint system to dumb that down instead. I know it’s probably not the case but it does feel at times that this game is becoming more and more centered around full time players which I’m guessing must be the majority.
I absolutely love this game and the community of people that play it regardless of their take on things because it’s the diversity that keeps things interesting and this is the end of my little rant and I promise not to say anymore on the subject. Stay Boundless and just do what you enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


The RNG is in the drops. . you do not always get the same drops from the same resource. Sure you can use luck to increase your chance but you do not get the same things every time you mine a gem seam or gather beans. And that is the point, your luck does affect the Randomness of the drops.


So you’re a builder and against dumbing down building but for dumbing down forging because you don’t have the time to gather the mats and learn how to use them?


that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!

And does the game need to cater to more casual players like yourself or to hardcore or to both and anything in between? Can you manage to gather items to sell and then buy forged gear instead? If you can then it’s already balanced to support all playstyles.

And as far as I know the blueprint system as proposed, tho there are many variations, should not make building too freaking easy. For me, I just would like to be able to move builds. Or, to turn smaller parts of a build into a blueprint, like a window, an arch, or something else not too big that you want to repeat thru your build…

The week of July 18th of 2018 is when the Centraforge was introduced in Release 195. It resulted in a slight up tick of player activity as at the time Boundless was only on PC and played through Steam. So the Steam charts for that time was accurate. Shortly after that we got the announcement a month later on August 18th about getting ready to launch on September 11th.

Centraforge is the newest piece of major content we got and I don’t think it was given enough time to really be tested before a product launch was made.

1 month of having it as a piece of released content before a product launch is kind of… short. I do know that people just simply didn’t log on all that much prior to the game’s launch until there was a head start announcement for PC players. Then people started logging on after the wipe to get things moving forward. It was such a grind fest.

I just don’t think Centraforging was really placed under a microscope and looked at critically but then again there weren’t that many players back then playing on a regular basis. So feedback was pretty limited.

So, here we are talking about the last major piece of content we got 7 months ago. :beers:


it wont in fact the economy was at its best back in EA pre forge we had maybe less players then we do now but i was able to buy and sell things with ease and make the coin to get whatever gem tools i needed.

all the forge has done is add more hassle to shop keepers and more of a coin sink for them (assuming they buy the forge mats) and hoping they dont lose coin on bad forges.

i think if the forge played a more passive role it would not be so bad but right now the current meta is forged tools or uninstall cuz you are just wasting gems

the hardcore players where the ones yelling the most that the RNG needed to go


I was like this until very recently.

The was so much to gather that it was overwhelming and off putting.

Then I cane across this:

Which helped immensely. I started by noting what I needed to forge to get the results indicated, then over the course of a week or so I built up enough resources so I could craft enough of the forging mats. Didn’t put too much pressure on myself, just as and when I could.

Then following this guide I managed to successfully forge some pretty good tools. In the course of doing this, I understand a little more about the process and have now asked the process to suit myself.

So I would say if you want to do it, give it a go, and don’t be too out of by the mats.


to a degree yes, but the RNG is still bad enough to be frustrating at times as the amount of RNG can not always be prevented from ruining the situation no matter what you do.

This is an example, not the proposed solution, the purposed solution is something that would require skill which may or may not include the items I have mentioned and is not limited to the items I have mentioned.

The point being is that skill based difficulty is > then RNG trying to create artificial difficulty

I will not give any absolute proposed solutions of how to fix it because I do not know how to balance something for both PC and PS4 players. as any solution I make with exactly how the skill based event should work, would most likely be unfair for console players, So I will leave the details to someone who can consider both platforms better then I can

Maybe some people might not be able to it well depending how it is balanced and will give lesser results if they are not good at it, but they will still be able to do it, they just won’t be able to take it as far as someone who is skilled at it, which i will debate for other people that is what some people are wanting, they do not want absolutely everybody to make the top of the line hammers, so they would have some value to sell and not to destroy their Econ even more by people tearing thru mountains 1000 times faster then a tunnel boring machine if the 3x3 AoE hammers started becoming rarer , and nor should absolutely everybody be able to make or reach the top of the line thing in some cases.

Not everybody can do Heroic raids either. >> Not everybody can get to Gold+ ranking. << There are things in games that not everybody can do without a lot of effort and/or skill and some things that may never be reached.

This is exactly the point I’m trying to make, I find the hypocrisy of some ridiculous.
Personally when it comes to the forge I can take it or leave it, I’ve been playing Boundless since 2017 so I’m in no rush. If what defines a “hardcore” player is their opportunity to play far more than "regular " players and they are the majority then absolutely leave everything exactly as it is but a lot of the proposals I’m seeing are also asking for something inbetween which I think would help to encourage new players and perhaps even help some of them to stick around.
By the way, the hammer I just bought yesterday was from your shop, I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’m sure the 9000 odd coin will be well worth it :slightly_smiling_face:.
It doesn’t bother me if I can only afford to buy one forged tool a month as I know that eventually it will pay for itself and make my life easier so I thank all the "hardcore " players that can give us lowly regular second class players a leg up :grin:
Ps I’m not having a pop at any one or how they play or whether they are “hardcore”, “regular” or even “casual” at the end of the day we have all paid to play this game and i pretty sure we all Invest as much time as we can into it.