Remove centraforge and replace with?

I’m starting a post for people’s ideas if we got rid of the rng centraforge what would you like to see in return that will not destroy the economy. Your idea can be a negative or plus to the economy but must not be something that destroys it all together.

  • this is just a thread for what’s stated above please if you want to post anything else do it on a different post.

Tons of ideas posted in past topics, search the forum for “centraforge,” it has been a hot topic in the past couple months after balance patches.


Theirs also a lot of new players and new voices so I’m more excited to hear about their ideas.

I’m not a new player but I did forge for the first time last weekend and thought it was a lot of fun. I don’t have any desired outcome in mind really, just like sticking some cool buffs on the mundane stuff I’m already using. I could see it getting frustrating if you wanted a specific 3 buff outcome. This maps onto my overall opinion of Boundless. If you focus too much on outcomes you’re gonna feel the grind.

I have a half fleshed out forge idea that I will probably make a dedicated post for once I think on it some more. The idea is that instead of forging gear, you forge augments. And every tool/weapon in the game gets augment support.

So the game lets you craft basic augments with recipes but using the forge you can make custom augments. Then you put those on the shop stands and ppl can slot them into whatever tool they want.

It’s kind of a two-fer idea because it also gives you a way to craft durability augments aka a way to repair your tools. Needs something else to balance it so you don’t get infinite life tools, but that’s the start of the idea.


Old gem tools.
More simple. More fun


I rather like the forging methods & setup in game.

Every game needs a little RNG & Grind. This isnt a single player game where you can hop in creative mode.

Only issue i have with the forge setup right now, is the tools durability, I think with what goes into them, they should last a little longer.



Because it’s too difficult for you and others to get good results consistently?

Let’s make everything easier! Let’s tank the economy further! Let more people complain about nothing to do!

Awesome plan!


I like the current forge. For me there’s a little risk reward and I can use many different methods to get what I want.

I would like to see tool augments in game that could have similar effects that the forge does. The augments would be similar to food buffs and have a time limit that is corrected based on skills. Also if the augments are made stackable, you can increase the level effect similar to forging levels. I’m sure players who sell forged tools would argue it devalues their product and in game income. I would argue that it would open a new revenue stream for them. Why not sell a gem tool with level 6 damage, durability, and speed, and them be able to sell augments that could add AOE to that tool.


Next thing you know people are going to want to be able to just pack up there builds too with some sort of blueprint system because it’s too much effort to build as well…


That’s already in another post lol

I know :grin:


I would like to see the old EA gem tools return. This would provide certain buffs for certain weapons like a 3x1 for diamond tools. However if you want to increase durability or create a 3x3 then you have to use the forge.

Or introduce Augments for tools that will offer an alternative to forging to get the same results. If you like to forge, go ahead and forge, if you prefer augments for the certainly then use augments.


Quick Building / No grind ideas.

Itll cause griefers to build crazy fast, to more headache for everyone.

You’ll get everything up in no time, with nothing extra to do, You’ll then get bored.

Any why take the RNG out? Then everyone will make their own tools, and one of the last things in game that actually people will spend coin on, will plummet. Economy in this game needs a jump start, not a death sentence.

People want MMOs to be like single player creative games.
I love the grind of old MMOs, and without some kind of grind the game has no meaning and you get bored too fast. This is one of the games I actually enjoy playing. And I wish there was MORE grind and RNG in the game.


I think this is untrue. It still requires a lot of resources and some of them rare in order to forge and many players will not want to spend the time to gather them and then to forge them. That is what is going to drive demand in this game since everyone can create enough alts to make everything. In EA there was a robust economy for tools before the forge so that is why I feel this would be the same case now.

You might feel this way but everyone does not. I do not gain any sense of achievement or pride in mining for rocks for hours to dump them into machines and log off while they process the materials. Pretty boring in my book.

But discussing grind is off topic

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I think the forge is fine the way it is.


Yes, but do they have the time? Some things need to be rare. Creates a market, I know some dont like the whole economy of the game, but its how coin is generated at the moment. This is NOT a single player game.

Discussing grind is not off topic. OP is asking for Grind/RNG to be removed. This is the byproduct topic in ever post about this. So you say mining and processing mats and log off? There is a ton more in this game then mining. Again, This whole takes time thing is in just about every MMO out there.

You can mine, You put everything up to process, Then, you can build. Run a shop, gather, etc etc.

Stop asking for this game to be dumbed down. It never turns out good for the longevity of the game.

Only thing this game needs right now is more content.


I am not asking for the game to be dumbed down any more than you are asking for the game to be a constant grind that will put off the casual player. The games longevity is based on the ability to attract a wide range of players willing to play and spend real money on the game through gleam club and cubit purchases. This has nothing to do with dumbing a game down. If it was they how would some of the games like Angry Birds have ever succeeded?

Players are not going to want to spend the time to make tools even without the forge. I provided a specific example of how it was in Boundless before the forge. There was still demand for tools because they wear out and still require less common resources. I also never said the forge should go away. Just make it less of a requirement to be successful in the game.

Coin is generated through footfall, weekly and daily feats and objectives. . the economy is the exchange of coin and with the tax is a coin sink to be more precise. I think the lack of coin is more of a reason the economy is stagnant than anything to do with the forge.

I will agree that one of the things the game needs is more content, If they had more blocks and items available then the variety of items would drive demand versus having an economy where only one class of items really sells well consistently.


I agree on most you said. I wasnt saying the old style EA Gem stuff was bad, But if they follow the people on here that always complain about RNG or Grind, Then youll lose the dedicated hardcore players. They will all get bored and go elsewhere. There is a fine line to hit.

No RNG and no hardcore players. The casual player are not the ones creating the large social projects or mass creating tools/forged stuff.

Look at all the big MMOs. They always followed the ones complaining on forums instead of the ones just playing the game every day. That is why i come on here to show there is people that like the grind and RNG of the MMO scene.


The game needs more than just content. Undervaluing other issues the game has doesn’t do any good.

Crafting times are still too long. Gathering up materials still is very time consuming for anyone that doesn’t have forged tools.

The less down time someone has on things they don’t want to do, the better. It means they’ll play more often and for longer if they have the opportunity. They feel like they’re getting something out the game. And just cause something is considered to be a rare resource doesn’t mean it needs to feel painful for someone who is just starting out and has no clue on how to obtain the stuff at a reasonable rate.

With the way current forged tools are like, you can obtain a stupid amount of resources in a very little amount of time. I think that’s done way more harm than removing any sort of RNG from a crafting machine for this game. Cause there are people who have 20k+ ancient tech devices and gems and thousands of every other resource in the game. The forge is responsible for that but that isn’t the fault of the devs.

Personally I think the main thing that’s keeping me from wanting to play is how daunting it is to think I have to spend hundreds of hours getting to where I want to be and that’s going to take me the better part of the rest of 2019 or I could forego that and just play other video games.

Boundless is definitely a game that the higher up on the progression ladder you go the more you’re willing to play. I just haven’t got to that hooked feeling like I did in EA and a lot of that has to do with bomb mining going away too.

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Crafting time is too long and gathering is too hard? But next paragraph you explain that people have too much stuff from gathering and mining. :confused:

This is a game made to take time. If what you want to build will take months. Then isnt that the point?
I dont want to build what I want in a week. Then what do i do? get bored and leave for another game.

And people keep saying they mine and process and log. or the like. Why? I dont get this either…

There is so much more to do.