Repair ALL Power coils on one machine at same time


Repair ALL Power coils on one machine at same time the same as a bank of spark generators repair all at the same time? Would be an awesome Quality of Life addition! Thanks for your consideration


I AGREE! This is long overdue.


Yes to this!


At least make the spanner AOE buff do this if not by default. Atm it does nothing.


Spanner AOE is what we need.
Coils don’t connect to each other like spark generators.


The spanner AOE could also work by simply making a normal coil hit repair all coils connected to the machine. This way weird coil arrangements wouldn’t be a detriment to design.


what? you mean the unorthodox 3x3? :joy:

or i guess 2x3 for maxed coils…
with AOE affecting all coils it defeats the purpose of having different levels of AOE. I think it would still be valid.


Make it require more boon points to activate? Please my machines are far from orthodox :smiley:


pic for curiosity? :stuck_out_tongue:
(its not off-topic either, might help others :P)


A cross section, gleam is there temporarily for light. There’s a floor between the upmost part to hide most of the coils, but still leave some visible to make it look better :slight_smile:


haha oh wow. why not just arrange them in a pattern thats easily repairable by an aoe spanner? (when they are finally fixed)
also there are a lot of good designs that are out there that mitigate or entirely prevent you or anything taking damage from the coil beams and also access to repair all coils (with aoe or even individually)


Yeah I know, it’s still in the design phase but I think I’m going to stick with something like this, I care more about the looks and how it fits the theme :smiley: Would just be happy if the spanners worked for all designs and not just the utilitarian ones.

edit: some pictures what it looks like in a more finished form


I’m going to take this a step further and say that Spanners shouldn’t even be a thing. I always thought Spanners were really weird in that they served a very, very specific purpose yet fell under all the same rules of crafting and forging as other tools. In addition, I don’t like that Spanner’s take up a coveted inventory space.

Here are some potential options that could replace Spanners that I feel would be better:

  1. A talent that allows you to repair machines and attached coils in bulk. The talent could be 3 ranks where, when interacting with a machine, also repairs up to 4/8/12 attached coils per repair or it could be an epic that simply “repairs all coils attached to the machine as well”
  2. Introduce a new machine that you connect to your spark cord network that, for any machines and coils attached to that same network, repairs them automatically so long as the machine has fuel. Fuel could be either a new, craftable item such as a “Repair Oil” or “Gunk Remover” or it could just be standard fuel such as coal/peat/timber.
  3. Keep Spanners but move Chisels and Spanners to their own inventory with its own little ui (this can be a very simple UI that looks just like the normal UI but is a limited amount of space and only accepts chisels and spanners. You would still assign chisels and spanners to item slots the same way you do today. Additionally, make AoE spanner forging actually work.


I thought the same thing!


Agreed. Get rid of them. But just get rid of the machine damage too. It’s a frustrating thing to repair machines everyday I log into the game.