Repairing wepons and tools

Hey guys i feel it would be great if i could repair the wepons and tools before they break. The breaking of the tools and wepons should still happen but it would be nice if i could repair them if i saw them getting low. That way when i die hunting i dont lose my gem tools and wepons


Sounds interesting. Back in my days of Star Wars Galaxies, I remember being able to repair items but you could never repair it back to new. It would eventually need to be replaced.


It’d be neat if you could.
Perhaps maybe you could only fix tools with other broken tools, and maybe that would increase the durability of the first by half of the second, or something.

But at the same time, it would wreck any economy based on tool sales :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmmm i see how it would wreck the economy but what if a new skill was added that was either expensive or hard to get that would allow you to craft a repair bench that way it would strangthen the economy opening up a new job of repair men because not everyone will want to spend like 35 points on this specific skill


I don’t think economic concerns alone are enough to dismiss the idea. You could make it require a special consumable token to jump and thus create a thriving economy for jump tokens, but that would be a terrible idea. Exploration and building are two of the most important aspects of this game to consider, so it wouldn’t make sense to stifle one of them so much for the sake of a more secondary aspect like economy.

The question then becomes how much of a detriment a mechanic is to exploration/building versus how much of a benefit it is for economy. That’s going to be a bit different for every person (somebody who exclusively builds stairs will value jumping a lot less than someone who bunny hops everywhere).

For me personally, I find the rate at which tools break to be a huge disincentive for exploring, gathering, building, and honestly playing the game at all in general. It took about 40 hours for me to lose interest, whereas I usually clock at least 100 in most games like this. I also think there’s plenty to keep an active economy even if you got rid of tools entirely (and most repair type solutions are not remotely that extreme).

So repairs seem like a good idea to me. They were, in fact, a main part of my first post here. :wink:

I think it would be ok to be able to repair tools, but never to full durability, every time it’s repaired it loses a bit, in time you’d have to replace it. Though I like having more developed economy with contracts, services etc where we could earn coins and spend on tools as much as we like, gives much needed multiplayer feel.

Remembering good all days :rofl: