Reputation: Group play and Guild rewards

So this idea is based around encouraging the multiplay aspect of the game besides just guilds or clans. The idea is to encourage and reward players for playing in groups by allowing them to earn and track reputations, as well as display these reputations to other players.

The way I imagine this could work is similar to how many games track other players you encounter online. The alias of all players you meet are kept in a list of “recent players” on the client’s side so you can easily go back through your logs later and send a group request, send a friend request, report, mute, etc. If you chose to group up with other players, then other stats are logged such as who you group up with, for how long, how many others in the group at the same time and the other group affiliations of each player. XP earned by each individual player while in a group also builds player reputation. More people in a group for longer periods of time give bonuses to the speed of reputation gained. You could leave positive feedback to give them a bonus to reputation, or even categorize why they have a positive reputation (great builder, team player, friendly, mentor, protector, etc) or flag them for investigation with a negative report (griefer, profanity, cheating, general rule breaking) More on negative reports toward the bottom.

Reputation can be used in a number of ways. Playing often with a guild, for example, would build reputation points with that guild, even if you are not a member. Earning high reputation with a guild you’re not a member of could gain you rewards like a title “Honorary member of Guild-Name-Here” or even a special title given by the guild’s leader.

Reputation within one’s own guild could act as a promotion ladder or gain access to better styled guild tabards, banners, etc.

Outside of guilds, players (in this system, that is) can join larger city or planetary groups as well. Partying up with members from your home planet or home city group can gain you titles like “Tribesman”, “Citizen” or “Nobel”. Gaining further reputation with these groups could earn rewards like “Baron of Kovah” or specialized mounts, even banners with the Oortphabet version of the group’s name on it in custom colors or shapes.

These groups would have their leaders determined monthly or so based on the member with the highest group reputation gained in the previous time period. The leader of that group may decide banner patterns and citizen titles.

Higher reputation with larger groups should have some impressive visual impact on the game besides just titles and design privileges. Exalted members of large groups should get unique cosmetic upgrades representing their high status. Gold trimmed gear, unique particle effects, even unique flourishes on attacks could all be examples that would let a player stand out without adversely affecting balance or competitive play.

Finally, the group reputation play could serve as a way to discourage toxic and annoying gameplay. Gaining a negative reputation could prevent a player from getting sweet cosmetic upgrades, or in severe instances incur a chat or placement restriction. As I said above, a negative report should only flag a player for investigation. Some things the game could detect for itself with high accuracy such as profanity or some levels of cheating, others would require the attention of a moderator. Players who are found guilty could have several degrees of punishment leveled against them, but just for this topic, let’s just focus on reputation impact. Players who often receive minor negative reports could see their reputation start to slide backwards, even into the negative. They could start to see embarrassing effects such as “smelly clouds” surrounding their character for players who are toxic to others. Their player name could be colored red or gain a glyph advising others to avoid this person. Extreme cases could see them exiled from groups completely, losing the privileged to join groups for extended periods of time.

I may be going overboard with my stance on negative rep players, but I think that the system could definitely reward players with excellent reputations with the community they play with. I think this would make the game more fun for everybody and help reduce instances of toxic behavior. Let me know what you think!

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That´s a hell lot of unnecessary data imo.

EvE Online made a great system for reputation (which is almost your most important stat in the game).
Guilds and individual players can give other players a reputation from 5(bad) to 1(good).
Guild leaders (or players who set up structures) could then decide how much players pay for their services based on the reputation the guild gave them (or on their average reputation if the guild has not given any reputation to the player yet).
Also player with an average reputation below 4.1 got a red blinking nametag.

EvE Online did also pretty well in that aspect. There was the option for a guild leader to craft a pretty expensive medal with a custom text and give it to a player (the medal was no physical object, it was just something you saw when you inspected that character)

Definitely. Not everyone wants to play cooperative with other players. I´m personally really looking forward for the open world PvP of this game but not everyone will be happy when gets ganked by a group of players and looses (some) of his stuff. Which leads me back to my first EvE Online comparison, simply allow the owner of a beacon to restrict access to his beacon / cost of potential services based on your reputition. So you could decide if you have a city full with nice cooperative players or if you want to build a blackmarket themed beacon where all the scum of Oort can gather :smile:

There´s also already a quite well worked out concept by @Kerpie


Never played eve, but from everything I’ve read on the forums, I may be obligated to. It sounds like they’ve worked out the rep system about as thoroughly as what I had in mind and improved upon the idea.

I would like to have a reputation system in Oort, but a way more simpler one. Reputation should be gained each time you play with other players. You gain points if kill creatures, harvest stuff or do other activities together (not more away to each other then 100 blocks). For this points you get an archivement with titles and may be you can spend them on vanity items like dyes or other stuff.

But I don’t think we need a micro management of such points or even the possibility to give a rating of players. Last one would also support mobbing.

Let such points be a good way to enhance coop gameplay… Like a small bonus, not a science for itself :wink:

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I can’t wait for a guild/clan system to come out… and storage containers… you guys need to bug the ■■■■ out of me when those two happen.