Request/Barter Street

Welcome to Request/Barter Street!

The place to install your request baskets. We also have the Barter option in which you can change an article for another article or service (builder, farmer, etc.)

Come to set your place up!! Sizes are 1x1 and 2x1.

This new place is located at “The Forgers Avenue” accesible through TNT mega hub, DK mall, Gyosha mall, PS Biitula, Fantasy Tree and Marchè Rivebois.

Thanks to @fidach for the great idea!


speed hammers request area is now set up too.

Over 2 million coin available in my baskets alone!


Your request area looks awesome!!

I have to apologies to whoever deposited the shadow orbs in my request basket.

My sign read 25c when it should have been 20c, as this is what the basket was set to.

If whoever sold me them wants to get in touch, I’ll compensate for the difference.

Again, apologies for my typo :flushed::roll_eyes::worried: