Request basket as bank

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I have three alts and the miner/gatherer obviously winds up with the most coins. Is there a(n easy) way to use a request basket as a bank to share coins between my alts? I don’t really want to “buy” things from myself, I just wondered if there was a way to deposit coins with one toon and withdraw with another. Thanks in advance!

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Yes. Just give your alts perms to your beacon. Place a request basket. Then add coin. You don’t have to request an item or put a buy price. I do this and call it an ATM lol


As long as they all have permission on the beacon they can all access the basket

Another way is to make a guild just for your alts they can ping all their coin from anywhere to the guild and then you can withdraw from the guild book.


This works well, it does not have to be your main guild and the beacon doesn’t have to be guild aligned.
As long as you make all your characters directors they can all send coin to anyone that is part of that guild.


I have a separate guild just for all my characters They all have Guild Executive permissions, so any of them can deposit or withdraw coins from the guild.

If your alts are spread about in a large settlement (or even on different worlds) you can place multiple guild books, so you don’t have to keep trekking to a single point.

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I do that as well, pretty easy bank.

(Side question:
@majorvex Are you still playing? I sent a few msgs in game, a while back and haven’t heard back. I cant figure out how to forum DM, sorry for adding this here)


I’ve been taking a break - super busy irl (good things)


Yep. Baskets work great as a bank. If you don’t want to give your alts permissions for some reason you can use an advanced lock on the basket.

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This is the way…

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You could always do what I did and make a guild for all your alts. I to this day have a guild control where I dump coin and have. As an added bonus I have all most of my beacons footfall controlled by the guild which is also stored in said guild control

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Thanks, everyone! :heart: