Request- Pickaxes given ability to mine gleam blocks faster


With the addition of new gleam colors, every world was given a default color.

Unfortunately, the new gleam color for the world my builds are on just doesn’t work (I have a lot to redo).

I’d like to request that pickaxes be given the ability to mine gleam around the speed of axes on wood.


I haven’t had any issue mining gleam with the pickaxe. I guess you’re saying it’s not fast enough–but I already have issues over-mining ordinary dirt with the shovel because it’s so fast. I’m not entirely sure if this is something you need, or just something you want because a color change didn’t match your sense of aesthetics.


You can mine gleam with the pickaxe, but it has the same speed as using your hands to break it. I’m hoping for a faster way to clear and replace my large gleam crystal structures, and that seemed like the most reasonable thing to ask for, since gleam is a crystal/mineral.

It’s just a request, I’m not demanding anything :kissing_heart:

Thanks for your consideration.

Faster block breaking with pickaxe for gleam and STONE!! breaking stone is painfully slow when trying to clear land and such :stuck_out_tongue:


Pimp towers…

As much as I really really want a speedy pickaxe for stone… imagine it in the hands of a griefer… :frowning:

yeah, that would be not good, but may be we just need to be more used to beacons (even if I know that we cannot put all into beacons :confused: )

Fast pickaxe should be !!! I have 5 days rework my castle made of stone. for aesthetics…

If the game is built around what Griefers MIGHT do then it will be no fun for anybody