Request to Our Sweeeeet Devs :D


Thats what makes some gleam rsre im sure people are hiding black gleam around.


I am not hiding black gleam! How dare you XD


Told you. Im not hiding any either.
Black was most common gleambow


Even if so, the black is now very valuable with the goo feature.


Meh you can already make black everything. Still not a fan of the pigment mixing.


This is why i dont mix… Just let them randomly mutate themselves xD.


o_o you are missing the most important feature of goo then~


Got no time or patience for that now haha. Maybe in the future. With that said, i got a really good collection of colors now.


If I ever find the motivation i ll make a small guide thread for the mixer. But its rare that I find motivation outside my work lol~


Dont need to mix if you have the best gleam.


Go paint your door~


Lol yet some how it was the least for me. Tho I never did solo meteors.


Most of mine i bought long ago and got lucky its needed now


I almost sold all my black gleam a while back but the player never came round to pick them up. Kinda glad now they didn’t!


I paid 500k for 50 gleam a few weeks back.thats the only way to get it now.