Reserved plotting

Boy I hope I can explain this :wink:
These 3 squares I am trying to plot with alt 2. The white area is alt 1. The other green squares are owned by other alts.
Three squares next to each other, all three show clear (no "taken’ icons). However, any attemepts by alt 2 to plot say that it reserved by alt 1. I have attempted to go up and down as far as I can to see if there’s a plot hiding that belongs to alt 1 with no success. (Permissions say alts are allowed to plot in reserved areas.) But. I though since those areas showed clear/empty, I’d be able to plot. so what am I missing?

Are all your alts in the same guild? Might be a permissions issue?

You have to allow player to plot in the reserved area on all your alts beacons that owns these plots.

I think I got it. I’m not really sure HOW I got it, lol. All of a sudden after removing a plot, it worked.

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  1. Plots have a date/time that they are placed so it can show historically which is the older plot. The reserved ones in the picture for Alt 1 are older and hence have priority as staying reserved. When you removed one more plot it probably pulled back the “reserved area” and the plots went to fully wild.

This was done to help protect settlements from people that would encroach on your space.

  1. The best option is to do like Gorilla stated and just allow your characters to plot in each others plots.