[RESOLVED] 3 days later. Haven’t received my world

I summited a pay for a sovereign world and still haven’t receive it I got the key on the 21st been waiting for the world to be generated but doesn’t seem to be ready yet is been 3 days after the request.

@james @Leahlemoncakes @blake

@DemonKiller09PR question did you actually submit the form?
you mentioned that you ‘‘submitted a pay’’, and not submitted the world creation form, where you pick biomes etc that’s why I’m asking just in case :slight_smile:

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I’ve checked your world generation and there was a mismatch between the User name and Character name you submitted as part of the configuration.

The character “Alucard” should be able to access the world.

However this character isn’t controlled by the user that you’ve posted to the forum with.

What is the name of the character and user who should have access to the world?


@james The username thats on my boundless account it should be DemonKiller09PR and the character name is “Alucard-“ I believe I wrote on the form “Alucard” without the “-”

Just for future reference, if someone asks you a question on the forum, to respond to their post directly, and notify them of your response, click the “Reply” arrow below their specific post, NOT the red “Reply” at the bottom of the page.

If done correctly, it will notify them that someone has responded to their post.

Also, it has been 2 hours, and I am unsure if you have been taken care of? Did it work? Are you able to access?

Leaving a post like this hanging and not marked (resolved) in the title can hurt the game. As far as anyone who reads this post is concerned, they would think you still do not have access.

Are you now able to access your world?

Yeah I thought I hit reply on the post. Not yet But Ill be waiting until it get resolved. Thanks for the help


It doesn’t always work, that specific post reply button. Just FIY.

I’ve changed the ownership of the world to this user and added some additional fuel.

If you want your alt account and their character to access the world, then you’ll need to place a Beacon, craft and place a World Control and give them permission.


Thanks for the help I appreciate it. @james I logged in the game I check if the world would appear and it only shows me the ones I already been. Still doesn’t show up on my log.

How many sovereign worlds should you have?

If you’re expecting 2 and only have 1, then is there a chance you have not submitted a second configuration for the second world?

I can see 2 configurations but they’re both for the same world key.

@james I should only have 1 sovereign world. Which is going on my Username “DemonKiller09PR” and my character name “Alucard-”

Hopefully it should be visible now. There was a typo in the username.


Yes thanks I finally appeared I appreciate it