[Resolved] And Again -> Civini Down

Why is Civini now again offline… its now the 4 or 5 time since patch 101… why alway civini…

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This is gonna be a baaaaaaaaaaad April 1 joke :frowning: :frowning:

@James, @ben ?! Any ideas ?

It’s live again…

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no server is offline, maybe the server was for 1-2 minuts online

but at the moment the server is offline

Civini is EU Central

@James: nope … it’s offline again :frowning: … what’s wrong with this server ? this isn’t fun any longer … the server is offline 98% of the time …

Not quite 98% down, but definitely not where it should be…

This image shows Civini service status for the last 31 days;-


Note also this release announcement from @dave from a couple of hours ago;-


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the statistic is nice. you can see how long server was offline & online