[RESOLVED] Game wont let me enter

OK I was playing this perfectly fine a few months ago but my comp decided it didn’t like working any more and i lost everything and now I’ve fixed my comp and the game downloads i open it and it tells me to click to start and it wont let me in no matter how long i wait or how many times i click I’ve tried several different things and several different combos of waiting and clicking

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Try launching with the dx11 client if you haven’t already. You can switch to it by
going into your steam library
right clicking on oort
click on properties
click on betas tab
select dx11 from drop down menu

ya found that out i asked the google i was just checking out some of the new stuff but thanks

Just to confirm - has switching to DX11 solved your issue?

yes it did sorry about taking so long to reply I’ve been elsewhere

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