[RESOLVED] Most signs are unreadable

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Hey guys and girls,

I am experiencing some strange behaviours on signs, where I am unable to see a pattern.
Some signs are buggy and unreable, but some aren’t. I will attach some screenshots. I checked some settings ingame and tested many, but no changes at all.



I first thought about nvidia Experience with rendering Game in 4k and downscaling to WQHD, but the game is not in list, so I think it won’t be the case.
Wood signs seem to work, metal, stone and gleam looks broken to me?!
Does anyone of you got an idea, what the hell this could be? :smiley: Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Had this problem 2 times in my career.

  1. first time the problem was ingame font. somehow it got changed to some weird one. I think James helped me that time.

  2. second time i did in windows a stupid mistake and changed scaling of fonts. cause i swapped to very big screen and fonts were really small i scaled them in windows and as a side effect almost all fonts in game got messed up like in your case.
    Hope this helps.

PS: oh and hi @vibe-x long time no see man xD

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Make sure you’re running the latest graphics drivers.
If you are - try using the previous or a beta version.

The signs are rendered in game using a custom shader so I don’t see how any other Windows / HD / Desktop settings would effect it.

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Wewd sign master race!

Thx for trying to help. I updated my nvidia driver to the newest version (517.48, from 2022-09-27).
I am using Windows 10n for 6 years (installed media pack) with GTX 1080. I know signs were working for years, don’t know what changed, most signs are broken for me now :frowning:

Btw I found out, stone signs are affected as well, don’t think it is a color related difference. Maybe Hash is right about fonts ingame? I gonna try to create own signs if there is a pattern to find.

I created some signs now, that’s what happened

2x2 sign

1x1 sign

4x2 sign

It makes absolutly no sense to me XD

This is sort of “turn it off and on again” but maybe verify game files to make sure nothing’s crept in?

Wouldn’t expect success but it also takes a couple seconds. Might strip out mods though.

If you’re on PC you can force a more thorough refresh by joining test then returning to live.

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oh my f****ng god, I just checked for broken game files. Maybe there were some changes Steam didn’t upgraded correctly, or old files that affect the game behaviour.
Well, never thought about corrupted / failed game files.

Now everthing is okay, thanks for the idea. Sometimes it is too ez, when you just doing complex IT stuff at work -.-’ Maybe someone else who comes back after a while will get helped by this thread XD


Steam > right click on Boundless > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of game files