[RESOLVED] Payed for sovereign world on 12august stil got nothing

Like the title says,
Payed for a sovereign world on the 12th of august, now its the 23th of august and still got nothing?
Only email i got was that my order was confirmed and a email from paypal from my payment.
My order number is 5896
The email adres i used was; ******* (private info removed)

Did you check all your email folders?

I usually get two emails from them when I order a Sovereign world. One is a Receipt and the other is the Thank You Email with the World Key and Configure your World link so you can build your Planet? One of those usually goes to a junk folder in my email though so I have to search it out when I purchase one.

I would look for it first, then ask if you have done that, have you clicked the link “configure your world” on the email, so you can follow along and build your planet.

Hope that helps.

Yes check all folders. I normally get the receipt showing up in the Inbox and the 2nd one with the key in the Spam box.

hopefully you had one like this

Thx for the info,
but i just checked my entire email spam folder and did not receive a mail.
I only have the order confirmed mail and there is no link inside.

Is your account for boundless Registered on the same email address, don’t think that matters but just as a long shot it might be worth looking at that email address if such a situation exists

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Did you enter in your main/original/correct character name on the form in both places?


i already did rent a sovereign world, but it was about a year ago when they just came out.
Stopped playing for a year, now decided to play again and rent a world again.
i did everything the same as before, dont know what went wrong?
before i got the mail with the link the day after i payed.

i only have 1 email adres i use so.
Thx anyway.

I’ve heard from another player that they didn’t receive several of the mails for sovs / fuel to an email that used to work before. As far as I know, the solution was for james to resend them to another email. They are using sendowl.com for the mails which contain the keys, so I might also help if you contact your email provider if they maybe put sendowl.com on some sort of blacklist, but that might be futile.

Maybe also try support@turbulenz.com to reach out.

James is usually pretty good with these, hopefully you can get the key soon

Did your planet appear?

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I wil check it this evening, need to go to my grandmothers funeral first. Thx for the folow up mate!

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Sadly i just checked in the game with all of my characters, and stil have not received my planet. No pop up and even looked in the worlds tab, nothing? Did not receive an email either.


I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Hopefully, someone will assist you today or your world will appear. @james @Leahlemoncakes @vdragon
If not, tomorrow I will have different advice for you.


I was going to suggest what I’m pretty sure you are, but figured it was best to give James and co a chance to sort it

I’ve re-triggered the key email, and there are no reports of delivery failure.

I’ve also confirmed that the email address on the order matches your email on the forum.

Did the key email arrive? Please also check your SPAM folder.


Hi James,
Ive got the email with the key now.
Also received a message in game
Thx alot James and everybody for helping me out.
So happy i got my planet.