[Resolved] Ps4, game server may be down

I start up and i’m told game is unavailable. I hit retry and eventually i’m put into the sanctum but looking into portal to get to where i logged off (Finata) it says world is unavailable.

I checked a couple other games and online is working fine so I don’t think it’s me or Sony. Is Finata down?
Edit: New message now-Unkown error from discovery server :man_shrugging:
Edit 2: It seems to be ps network afterall, browser is extremely slow as well. The laptop and phone works fine, speedtests are fine.

Been playing without issues for several hours now…

Are you still getting issues?

No, if you can delete thread, it would be good.
It turned out to be a ps network problem, intermittent connection issues.

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Closed as issue has been resolved