[RESOLVED] Reclaim not working?!

My guild mate @BoundlessBlitz have just made a reclaim on her main build and is now having issues recovering it.

She has gone through her beacon list and checked each beacon to make sure none other are active.
She also tried placing a new beacon nearby, making that master and home but still cannot access.
Is there a time limit?

Coordinates are 89N -68E Alt 66 on Trior.

@james @Leahlemoncakes @monty1

Character name in game blitz88

If its useful I did take some items out of storage during the reclaim

That message means there is an active reclaim open on a beacon. If you open your beacon list, you should see a little bag/pouch icon next to that beacon.


Oo! Good to know. Going to double check them that way :crossed_fingers:

@majorvex there’s a bag! You saved the day :hugs:
That really needs to be in the things you wished you knew before thread!!


Omg thank you, I never knew about the bag. Its all sorted now sorry for the fuss :joy:. This can be closed now thanks :slight_smile:

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