[RESOLVED] Sovereign help

Hey need some help bought two sov, world’s. Neither will appear if James or some could give me advice. I’d really appreciate it

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hey, when did you purchase your worlds as can take up to 24hrs to appear after you have configured them (via the link in the confirmation emails).
more info here:
FAQ: Sovereign and Creative World - General / FAQ - Boundless Community (playboundless.com)

From all the Sov’s I purchased…

It usually takes up to 24 hours to have one appear. The 30 day timer doesn’t start until the planet is generated. So just need to give the team a little time to process the request.

It’s been over 24 Hours for both and over 48 for the first one. The first one I did the wrong name so I’ll need James to fix that is he will be so kind the 2ed one is not showing up either and used everything correctly. I’m not sure what is going on. I had this problem before and James fixed it but no responses from him

Ever take longer than 24 for you?

I’ve had one that took longer than 24hrs. I pm’ed james and he got back to me within a couple of days and was fixed soon after.

gently poke @james

Yes but I requested it on a Saturday afternoon and kinda expected it to take a little longer. But it was up not much longer than that.

Longest I had one appear is a couple weeks but I bought multiple Saturday and Sunday I know they don’t appear cause of devs days off boop

When I enter the redeem kept is say, valid, Wold size, ect…but can’t click active.

You don’t need to enter the key when you purchase a world - it’s automatically applied. The only time you’ll need to enter a key is when you buy fuel again in 30+ days. When your world(s) are ready for you, you’ll receive a pop-up notification in-game.

Sometimes planets take longer than expected to appear. A couple of times James had to re-spawn them.

The issue is that both the username and character name are mixed between different users and characters. So the system doesn’t know who to set as the world owner.

I’ve assumed that this is your primary account so any characters belonging to @Coltonaltman52266 will have access. If this is incorrect please PM me with the user name of your in game characters.

You will not have lost any world fuel time by this delay.


That’s is correct!! When do you think I will have access?
Also what should I do differently next time to avoid the same problem. Ive done this before and needed your help.

That is your username - but the character name you included was owned by a different user.

You need to make sure you use the name of a character owned by @Coltonaltman52266 and it will deploy without intervention.

The Sovereign should be live now.


Thank you very much I really appreciate all the help don’t know what I would do without you thanks again

Both up now. Thank you so much. I’ll do better next time with my ordering and names