[Resolved] The server Ruccie

The Ruccie is server down at the moment and has been down around 5 days now. On your twitter you guys said it would be up tomorrow after the update was released. That’s been 4 days since tomorrow, so when will it be up again?

Yes sorry - we can only really apologise and let you know that we’re working on resolving the issues. We will get the worlds back online ASAP. We originally thought it would only take a day, but as we explored the problem we didn’t realise how far the rabbit hole went. So, sorry - they’re not back yet - but they will come back.


Since Ruccie is up now, if you happen to see ancient wood or leaves anywhere when you’re on there please let me know the coordinates!

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There is none on Ruccie as far as I know, but on the server Gortnen there is A LOT!

Thanks, but trying to track down a specific block color :wink: