[Resolved] Tools are missing - lost inventory

Since either patch 100 or 101 - I’ve not had any tools and haven’t been able to find a way to get them back. My inventory was wiped and I seem to remember a post about it but don’t remember any solution to the missing tools.

Can anyone suggest a fix for this? I’ve jumped through a portal, moved to different worlds and also spawned at the capital and my home base which used to ‘reset’ my inventory but no more.

Not sure if I’m saying what you’re looking for, but you start out with an empty inventory currently. The Devs said they were thinking about adding tools back in ince it’s still in a Pre-Alpha state, but currently you’re on your own. However, @Zouls has a crafting guide here that’s documented all of the discovered crafting recipes.

Ah thank you - I think the link you posted is wrong but I found it by searching for crafting here on the forum.

Crafting recipes (spoilers)

LOL! Yup, that link goes to borderlands 2 steam page.
$7.99? You may have just sold me on a game, @dwarvenname :wink:

Sorry about that remirol. We had to make some changes to the inventory screen to allow early version of the crafting system.

No, no, it’s okay - I’m sure I read it someplace (probably on a post here) but it was late and I couldn’t remember exactly where or what it said. All good - makes more sense to craft these items from scratch if that’s what the concept is for the final game.

Lol woops, I was recommending games previously.

Default items aren’t returning. Time to start using the crafting system.

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