[RESOLVED] Unknown Error (503)

So I tried to log into Oort today (through steam as always) and was prompted to enter my password and username (which is quite unusual when you enter a game through steam). Now I constantly get the ‘Unkown Error (503)’ , whether I use my ga.me or steam account data.


Unfortunately, the game is currently down at the moment. We are working to get the game back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the really fast reply. Glad to hear it´s not a problem on my side.
If I may suggest something: You could create a thread and post in it whenever you have to take the game down. This could prevent confused user like me in the future :smile:

We usually create topics within the Devlog category, so you can check the information there for updates.

The game should be back up now.

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