Resource discount linked to planets main resource

Let’s say beckon has a lot off copper
Then that’s the planet main resource
So if you shop on beckon copper and stuff made with copper gets cheaper automatically
For the seller it stays same profit
The discount works as a planet thing just affecting the buyers

I would like this so each mall our shop ingame
Can have its own perk for using it so promoting ff and activity and keeping people less on the same spot also using universe to full potential


I like this… It would mean strategic shopping trips. Knowing which worlds produce which resources in abundance… It would give a nice depth to the economy I think!


I agree, this could be pretty nice.

It does make me wonder, though, because it could easily be exploited.

Person A buys cheaper,
Person B gets more money than was spent,

Infinite coin.


I came here to say this too. Perhaps a better strategy would be to instead reduce the tax rate for both buyers and sellers.


that seems like a way to generate infinite money with out trying, whats to stop me from loading another alt or account and then selling copper to my self and then trading it back to my character to sell back again.

A sales benefit shouldn’t be on the customer side, it should be on the vendors side, similar to the tax decrease skill, they could add tax decrease 2, which could lower the tax further for raw resources native to the planet.

This way if i keep repeating the process the only thing i do is loose money.

Would be a great way in spreading the economy out.
I used to always travel to higher teer planets for copper but found that the t1 planet ,that I’d built my base on, had a richer percentage.
I wish that there were more shops out there that specialised in 1 area/resource. I’m not a big fan of walking into a shop to find it sells everything at prices that make no logical sense. Keep it simple

I like the themed planet feeling, but I’m not a big fan of the idea that to min-max I’d have to keep an eye on the resources tab on every planet. I don’t think many shopkeepers would like to have a separate shop for every resource they’re selling without feeling like they’re losing out on the profits.