Resource Garden on Ruchs

I haven’t seen a post on this yet so I thought I would throw this out there: I have started a garden for resources on Ruchs in public area.
It’s up to you to find it but if I’m on server you can ask, shouldn’t be hard to find.
If you take something replace it.
It does not have everything but I have quite a variety of leaves and starting to seek plants and grass.
If any of the materials are found to be used for griefing I will remove the resource or beacon it with only those who ask to be allowed to take from it.
If there are any concerns, please feel free to give me feedback.

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near capital on ruchs, @ardo & me has set up all gleam which we have found

in my home world i have still a big storage with nearly all blocks, but save in a beacon ^^
if someone ask i drop blocks, but only if ask ^^

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I’ll visit later today, thanks

We need a warehouse at all of the capitols that contain pallettes such as this. plz devs :stuck_out_tongue:

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This would be nice, maybe if others players in the community feel ambitious we can make warehouses on most worlds and go between warehouses to maintain and grow the resource pool?
If there is an organized level for each resource, that might be pretty cool ( I like the idea of gardens on rooftops or something fun like that! c: )
No promises on mine looking too fancy for now though, sorry!

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It would be cool if someone could draw some blueprints as to the organization, but we would need to know before-hand all of the colors of blocks avalible :open_mouth:

I would really like to start a resource hall for Lapas…does anyone have the different colors of wood and leaves from the worlds? Please let me know, THanks!!