Resource Settlement

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I want to start a settlement on one of the more advanced/hostile worlds so that people have a safer place to go when adventuring in dangerous areas. I have two questions:

The first is: which world will yield the most resources, particularly those that are hard to find?

The second is: Anybody want to go into this venture with me?


I’m tied up in another project, but Vulpto would be my choice. Rubies are the go-to gem right now, because of how easy it is to find them in large quantities.

That said, there are apparently a lots more diamonds on Andooweem. It’s just finding them that’s the problem.


Munteen has the highest amount of iron on it, but there are a few groups already there. Me personally want to venture to Atturnik. But I would be happy to build where ever on the hostile planets.

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Andoweem seems to be full of resources. I’m located near this plateu that @Yawaly found! Would be a great place for a settlement.