A beautiful Plateau, Settlers Unite :D

Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok… so i have posted about that cave some might saw it… nice spot huge lava lake and i was talking about building some black castle in it… yeah huge idea and im still alone and i haven’t even finished my own homebuilding which is kinda big by itself :D.

Am i going to start building on this castle? I don’t know it doesn’t matter. But i just found a beautiful spot for a settlement. Its perfect, its just … please i call out to all the lonly Oortians out there to gather and form a village there. Just look at this picture this plateau was made by the gods of Boundless to be the foundation of a great settlement, a beautifull village or maybe even an astounding city.

Just … Look … At … It , am i the only one recognizing its beauty :D? Am i the only one who can invision a big cathedral or temple at the end of the upper section. sourounded by a market. A wall closing it in, with the lower section filled with house and homes, maybe a beautful stairway connecting both sections. Ok its not that huge as i make it sound (or maybe it is that depends on your expectations :D) but its still perfect, plenty of space and if the area on top isnt enough why not expanding underground?

Again its on Andoweem at 612 149 -1526 , australiens unite xD. So at the end of the day i don’t matter if this vision of mine just stays a vision but i wanted to at least give it a try and toss this discovery to the community and see what happens :D. I mean fu*k it if enough people gather up i just pack a full set of machines and everything i can carry and become usefull and set up home here too :D. I mean this way im closer to my project of building the black castle anyway :P. And think about it: there are diamonds on Andoweem, the most valuable gems of them all anyway ;D.

PS: yeah im pretty passionate currently about this game xD


wow - what a location! classic :sunglasses:

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I think the moons are the most beautiful so far :slight_smile:

Put up a portal there from another city, and ppl will come.

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I’ll come check it out tonight. That is quite a beautiful location.

Yeah the portals are there right in time xD, yeah i guess i build a portal from therka market to it, its also better for me and my coins xD, but could take a while, gotta stark up on oort stone first and think about how i build it and where exactly x3


I like it! If I get time to play soon, I’ll come check it out

yes it definitely look like platform specifically made for building :smiley:

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Ok everyone. The Portal to Andoweem and right to this nice plateau is now open. Its at the Portal Hub in Solum, and its huge and expensive xD. So pleace come and lets create a nice and huge Settlement there :D. I need to break up my current base and start working on it.

We need creative minds to build a interesting place, settlement and market that devided from the others. I think you can all agree that this place has huge potential. I start tommorrow morning at 10 o’clock (germany) so meet me there :D.


I was there last night. This place has amazing potential. It looks as If someone made It as the perfect place to build a town. Truly a gem of random generation! I would love to connect it to my line but at present it costs me 216 shards per day to keep open. I am hoping to contract out the moons. Anyone want to maintain a portal from that side to mine on vena?

Well its connected to the network including Therka, Solum and Berlyn maybe you can go from there :D, the portal itself is in Pixel Gate at Solum.
Im currently involved in so much stuff i don’t think i can do a lot things there but im keeping the portal runned and i hope some people come together and start something in this place. There is a lot of space so let your imaginations run free.

Actually i had plans to leave my current base behind and start there from scratch but things happended and i got encouraged to finish my first building instead.

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My hope is to connect each world to one line. Only three more to go.
When I hit builder lv 9 I will likely spend a few plots there.
Is that the moon with dimonds or emeralds?

Just looked it up. Diamonds that should be a good draw!

With all your buildings around I’ve thought you had reached level 20 on building, I’m 17 atm

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Oops I ment crafter

how do you even properly lvl up crafting? it doesnt seem to lvl up really

Cut down a bunch of trees and handcraft them to timber, 3 xp each. Then handcraft them to walls or slabs, 3 more xp each.

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its a grind but sometimes i take my crafted goods out one at a time.
that or like Heureka says and hand craft wood.

True that builder and crafter progress too slow comparing to miner.

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