Resources versus Filler stat

Knowing the resources breakup is great, but I wish I knew how saturated a world was with resources.

I had thought that trying to mine for resources on Till would yield more resources and had gone there the last few nights. I decided to go to Imdaari tonight and I’m getting so many more despite it being a lower tier; even of gold and silver.

Would it be possible to be given the ratio of non-resource blocks to resource blocks for each planet?

I might be missing something but if you go to your character menu and go to places. And under worlds, select the world your in and then go to resources and it should tell you the percentage for each resource that you can find embedded in the world.

Again I might be missing something since I’m at work atm lol

The resource percentages are relative to all the resources and nothing else; add all the “Embedded Resources” percentages and you should be near 100%, rounding permitted.

For example, Imdaari right now says that of the embedded resources available, Iron is 31.25%. That does not mean that Imdaari as a whole is made of 31.25% Iron.

The Atlas helps to at least see resource concentration, but I don’t know what amount of resources are implied at each color gradient, nor do I know how that applies to the world as a whole.

If a planet were sparse or resources, those percentages don’t tell you much about how much of a resource is on a planet unless someone manages to make a good dent in what is available and you’re watching it at the time.

I think you just simply need to see the heat map for the resource you’re looking for to get this info.
yea there are percentages in the world menu but like you say, if it’s spread out everywhere vs. more concentrated in certain areas, then yeah you’d have to see it on an atlas.

the heat maps are comparable between worlds though, so what is green on imdaari would be green on till aswell. - meaning a colder map for any planet means less of that resource in absolute value terms

Also, level 3 metal worlds are pretty much made for iron, while the higher worlds focus more on the alloys

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