Rested Exp

Most games use rested exp just by logging out in cities but that seems kinda weak in my eyes.

so my suggestion is doing like final fantasy where you can go to a beg and click log out using that, you will then get a short animation of you going to sleep and then you log out. when you log back in you have rested exp buff that will increase all exp gained either by a certain amount or time, depending on how long you slept.

i feel this would encourage having a house with a bed and encouage people to atleast care a little bit where they log out.

as mentioned below there could be different types of beds that would give a better buff. so you could take a sleeping bag with you into the wild which would give a small amount of the buff when you get back or you could sleep in an actual bed and get a full amount. this would also encourage making inns where people could sleep in case they are far away from their home area.


Take quite a few grains of salt with this but:

I’m in favour of some kind of rest bonus, in particular… resting in your race’s ideal environment:

  • Aquatic: submerged
  • Earthy: near lava
  • Frosty: surrounded by snow and ice

I suggest this only because it’ll probably lead to cities full of lava/water/ice to give bonuses to certain races. Otherwise there is no motivation to differentiate building styles based on race- ie, the races will be less flavoursome and more generic. I still would like people to be build whatever they want, but a little nudge can shake things up a bit.

I mean, wouldn’t it be weird to have inns that have a freezer room, lava pit and swimming pool just for visitors of those races? Weird = awesome.

It also pushes the economy a little in that certain races will want to be importing at least a small amount of certain block types- and likewise sell block types they do not require as much.

Just an idea thingy to go with the other one about needs.


Rather than xp, maybe just a temporary buff, like moving 5% faster. And yes having a bed required for the logout bonus would be nice. Maybe even penalize people for not going to bed properly, like sleeping on a rock only to wake up with a sore back.

you really seem fixated on the whole idea of their animal sides dont ya?

which is fair, but i dont want the difference in races be that big. i like the idea of special races, but ultimately it should just be humans with different skins and abilities.

aww I wanted to be a four legged monkey turtle.


I don’t really see the point of rested exp. Why would you get experience (exp) by sleeping?
Exp is something you get by killing monsters and stuff.
But maybe there could be another reward for sleeping/logging out in your house like extra stamina when logging on again.

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To take it to a minimum, at least themed furniture options for each race- adds a little pizzaz. If the aquatic race doesn’t get a sleeping-pool rather than a really dry cotton bed- it just, it just won’t make any sense.

dont you know how rested exp works?

its when you log out in a certain place and log in again you have a certain amount of EXP that will be doubled because you are wellrested and willing to learn. so say you log off for 8 hours and come back then all exp you get for the next hour will be doubled.

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Rested exp can work in many ways. I imagined that you’d get like exp instantly when logging on again.

that would be freaking stupid. but no rested exp is always a bonus to the exp you will get

bonus xp for resting (instantly got): No thanx … let there be a “rested” buff which gives you more % xp over time (More/better rest = more time). Would be great to have a standad resting bonus when just taking a small bedroll, a higher resting bonus in your own beacon, even more if it is a special bed :wink:

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wasnt that precisely what i wrote? is it really that poorly formulated?

Sorry, it was so a reply to Cirlex :wink:

While this idea might be ok, I think it might make it hard for new players to move up past the current players. Considering that everyone could just continuously progress (at least in some aspects) at a fixed rate means that if you start later you would end way behind everyone else.

ofc you would. thats how rpg’s work?

I think that it’s one of the features we shouldn’t keep from the rpgs. That’s why I’m in favor of skill based combat too.

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what are you saying? that its unfair that a player who started 6 months later than me isnt as good as me?

I’m saying that your worth as a player should be defined in you skill (with some advantages gained from your equipment/skills etc.)- be that building, fighting, crafting etc. Not the sheer amount of time you’ve spent in the game.
Any player should be able to defeat any other player given the right skill , strategy and equipment.
So yes, a new player shouldn’t be able to beat you, but they should be able to once they’ve learned the ins and outs of the game.

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just no. RPG’s are literally made to upgrade yourself over the course of time. i think combat should be skillbased no doubt, and ofc progression will stop at one point. but it should get progressively harder and people should get better so a tier 1 player wont be able ot touch a tier 10 player because he is not supposed to, but a good tier 8 player might be able to beat a tier 10 player even though he has better gear because he is better at combined.

While the game is going to have RPG elements, It isn’t defined as an RPG. There are many competing factions of player types here. Not everyone wants to see a classic style RPG with a voxel twist come out of this. I appreciate some aspects of RPG, but I also appreciate FPS, Adventure, Voxel and Puzzle.
It should be your mastery of play style, tactics and logistics that win fights in my opinion. I think that your level should only ever influence about 1/3 of the battle.
In this case I’m saying that you shouldnt be allowed to get lazy just because you’ve got good items and a high level, and many hours logged. Take CS:GO- on paper there is absolutely no progression, but in reality players become inherently better than others because of the skills and experience they accumulate in their minds.
to sum up-
skills, tactics and knowledge = 2/3 of any battle. Accumulated exp, Items etc. = 1/3 of it.