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Or in a beacon-secured area.

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I don’t know, that’s like saying you can jump into lava, but you’ll die. You can fight a Titan alone, but you won’t win. Makes sense. But I don’t think you should be punished for exploring a “high level” area. Punish is a bad word, when a player dies they should feel like it was due to their mistake, rather than an unfair level 60 one-shotting them as in WoW.

Yeeeah I actually did that kind of thing in WoW, I liked to explore and didn’t want to wait 30 levels to see a place.

thats the point of levels. but in this case there are skills and not levels in that sense. but feel free to explore a tier 10 world, you are allowed to do that, but if you try to fight a mob you are screwed. if there was no progression there would be nothing to strive or achieve and there would be no need for tier based worlds.

I suppose the problem with WoW was that it was extremely hard to avoid mobs, so you didn’t really have much choice in the matter. If mobs were better spaced out and of different densities for different biomes, that would work.

As long as I can actually choose to engage an enemy or not, that’d be fine.

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you shouldnt always get the choice. then there would be absolutely no danger, things like mountains and caves with minerals should require proper tools and be populated by enemies, but if you were low level in combat but still have the tiers of tools and actually played a little smart you should be able to get around on the higher tier worlds without dying.

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See that sounds awesome. I’ll just note though that the players chose to seek the Titan when they were not ready- he didn’t just come along and murder them because someone agro’d him and lured him to them.

ofc it doesnt, they said they would stay in specific areas. its not like titans just goes around destroying everything, there will be other creatures and protectors than titans though.

I guess he didnt mean that you can, lets say loog out for a week and have n 2000% XP Bonus. I think its going to be like, logged out for 3 hours 2% Bonus logged out for 6 hours 5% logged out for 12 hours 10% and logged out for 24 hours gives your 15% Bonus. but it wont go any further than 15% cause that would go to high. so if you come after 24 hours you’ll get 15% Bonus for XP, if you come after 1 week you’ll still get 15%

Maybe there will be something like 20% after 1 month and 50% after a year but this bonuses wont last long anyway I gues if they implement that it wont last longer than 30-60 minutes depending on how high it is.

& @Zouls
I dont think that you’ll have special lvl or tier based world, that would just destroy the gameplay because as they also said you shall Explore in Oort Online. So there will be harsh enviroment of course but thats not because its an lvl 60 or Tier 10 enviroment, but just because it is how it is. And if you cant go on somewhere, then its because its maybe just to hard for you or you are jut to clumsy, not because of your level.

But sure Mobs will be on diffrent levels, but that has nothing to do with the enviroment too ^^ I would also like if the spawnpoints would chancge ofver time also as levels so it feels like the mobs would move over the world!

that’s exactly something you should only be punished for if your skill isn’t good enough.
Of course is it very unlikely that a lvl 1 can beat a lvl 10 but it shouldn’t be impossible.

And it might just be my opinion but mobas aren’t exactly the best example for skillbased combat. More good knowledge of the items and maps. But “skill based” can be widely interpreted^^

I want at least to have the chance to beat a titan alone. Even if the chance is 0.00001^^ (as a high-lvl i mean)

i still think you shouldnt be able to do that. because that would mean 1) they would be freakin easy or 2) there would be a loophole which people could easily abuse to solo titans. this is the one thing that should NOT be solo able. EVER. unless ofc the titans gets harder the higher tiers you get and there is no downscaling when you go back to tier 1

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that is from the official dev idea called ‘‘Loop of oort online’’ the reward for getting better is that you get to see more and cooler stuff spread over different worlds.

again, its a hard split between MC players and RPG players, i am purely an RPG player.

And why? If I get not hit once, which is possible but not likely, then I can solo everything. And if the combat system is skillbased then there should NOT be a restriction for killing a titan solo.

because if you can dodge anything a titan throws at you then there is something wrong. and because its supposed to be a team monster, like a raidboss.

I’m an RPG player too, but I still dont think that enviroments should have an special tier.

there needs to be a scaling through the levels, like in any rpg. my idea was that around the capital there would be easy mobs but the further you got out the harder and more evil they got, making the high level people venture further away instead of just camping around the citadel. but this is the system mentioned by ben and i think that is also a pretty damn good system.

no, if the game throws attacks at you you can’t dodge there is something wrong. Because that’s the exact opposite of skill based combat.

Everything should be soloable even if humanly impossible.

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Dogde all you want then. if it is that easy then there isnt really a reason to fight it. everybody wants to solo freaking everythings, its absolutely horrible.

in my eyes there should be some sort of time limits on the fights so people dont just run away for 4 hours and win that way by abusing some weird system.

also skillbased does not mean you are invincible