Rethinking the world regen

So not claiming that your ideas doesn’t have merits but a few answers to some of what you said:

Keeping a steady suply of avialable resources and keep the worlds somewhat pristine. Sure it comes with negatives but I really haven’t seen a better solution to the problems having a sandbox mmo with playerdriven ecomony pressents.

I am pretty sure that is the exact point of the materials being reolcated, if you have reasonable easy access to all resources the game stagnates, why would you need to explore or do something new if all your needs can be covered by a couple of beaconed areas?

The idea makes sense to some degree if having infinite resources available is what you strive for, but why exactly a non regen zone between the fixed regen and random regen zone?

Also those number are way way too large if anything it should be adjacent beacon zones or something like that a small guild could cover a world with those numbers O_o

This idea on the other hand seems way more balanced, and easier to work with. :+1:

Because trees are already available an-mass already? moving it 40 blocks to the left would do 0 for making it less available.

The idea itself is intersting but constant same-spot regen would make resources too common I think, if some kind of regen should be done what about going about it this way: (Assuming thats possible to code)

Resource clusters when they spawn for the first time gets tagged with a set amount of same place regens based on their rarity, (higher rarity means slightly more regens but a higher regen time) every time the cluster regenerates itself it removes 1 point from the number of regens available.

This would make camping out a spot viable but at some point still remove the resource it still come with the problem of the regen counter resetting every time someone move into the area though.


The reasoning for my wording has nothing to do with not being able to find resource, its quite the contrary. Yesterday I mined 200 hard coal, 50 gold, 40 silver, 40 rubies, and a few medium / large fossils from a single cave I found. This was probably the best cave I have ever mined. If I could come back every day and mine that place like a routine, I think it would be busted.


In all honestly research needs to be done when you are looking at playing a game, especially early development games because sometimes we have preconceived ideas about how things should function vs. how they actually do. I am all for regen because it is such a nice thing to have a crisp clean world and only the blocks that are built on have to be plotted out. The resources WILL stay in the general area which is fine because it just means you need to find them again. There may be changes and discussions like these and new ideas like you mentioned such as regen plots and non-regen plots are a good idea! Let’s hope the developers will have some input on this discussion.


Seems that the world regen is working exactly as intended. If it put that titanium vein back in the same place for you to mine over and over, you are effectively duplicating it without putting any additional work into finding more. How boring! Also, you can charge people to mine your region. Resources spawn again randomly, but near their previous spot (exact distance unknown). Dense regions will remain dense after many times mining it, but you will have to dig and discover it all again every time.

PS. I sense raised tempers in this thread. Let’s relax a bit, ya?


Amen, brother.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


I want a dislike/downvote feature.

Why would you think the same blocks spawning in the same exact spot would be good? The game would devolve to:

  • dig up a resource
  • wait a day
  • dig up the same resource again, from the same spot
  • repeat, and repeat

No exploring, no planning, no progress. Just mining the same blocks over and over and over again. This has got to be one of the worst suggestions I’ve seen. I do hope you come to realize how awful it would be for gameplay.


Put away the pitchforks, the point has already been made a few times over and over again :sweat_smile: :pitchfork:


To be fair placing a beacon to secure a mining spot for an extended period of time was an example used in the original pitch from when I bought the game.


personally i like the way the regen system is at mo (ok so its not perfect,but still works as intended without going into complicated coding,team is limited and doesn’t have a vast amount of funds unlike bigger companies)

also as the economy will be player based having people gain control of certain resources allows them to dictate/manipulate prices which is bad for the economy in the long term (much like it is with mmo’s)

if the system was any different it would just cause problems for the devs or making bug fixing more complicated then it needs to be,also easier to control/adjust how the regen works and resource spawn rates…


I like 90% of what @Valkirth is saying here, and I want to second it in a way (I don’t like the fact that I’m level 30something for mining and have yet to find a single gem, or anything other than soft coal, medium coal, copper, iron, silver, and 10 gold).

I believe being able to claim resources in a big way would be bad simply because I feel like if I couldn’t afford to buy something, I should be able to go and make it. It may take a ton of work on my part, but I don’t like being pigeon-holed into doing things a certain way based on other player’s behaviors.

However, in accordance with @Thorbjorn42gbf, I also remember when a pitch of being able to claim resources was used as a means to attract people to the game. I was attracted by that potential.

I’m not convinced that, as the state of the game is, we actually can say whether anything needs changed or not. We have skill trees coming that, when implemented, will make mining easier in a lot of ways. We’re apparently going to die less when we fall in caves, potentially be able to move around the world faster (making finding resources easier) and be able to physically mine faster and get more results. Those previewed skill trees remain ambiguous enough that we don’t really have any idea how those skills will effect the gameplay.

I have played two kinds of games that I don’t want Boundless to turn into: Ones where it’s incredibly hard to do anything on your own, and so you’re forced to be in large groups of people that you don’t like just to get by, and others where it’s so easy to do everything that there’s no point in working with others. Neither way is fun.

Perhaps, if we wait to see how the skilltrees and abilities that come with them effect the gameplay first, then this entire thread would be worthy of another visit. IMHO, we’re not ready to make judgements on the current system of regen because all the complaints/naysayers are working in an incomplete system right now. This includes me. For all I know, maybe the skilltrees will make it so that we’re in dire need of a world regen overhaul. But, I’m willing to wait and see.


that defeats the purpose of ‘locking down’ areas with beacons then charging miners… as its only good once…

‘These five gold blocks go to the highest bidder!’… Maybe if there were many more players it would seem like less of a negative than a positive.

We should absolutely be able to camp the rare resource spots considering you need so much per person minimum of each rare resource to do anything…

Just like to say that I think the current regeneration mechanics are fine. Resource distribution could be tweaked but that’s a different point.

I like the way beacons work and I like that I can reserve a mine “entrance” or scaffold structure and the world regenerates around my plot. I don’t want to find the same resources in the same place! Sure it’s easier and predictable but where’s the challenge?!


I was thinking on this, and how about a guaranteed forced world regen and thus resource redistribution every x hrs regardless of having been mined or not.

That way one week you may not have much near your home, but the next you can check the same spots for new goodies.

That has a greater chance of backfiring than benefitting the player. One moment you may have a decent supply, then for several weeks you may have nothing.

Or if you’re unfortunate enough to have finally found a rare resource vein, and a forced world regen kicks in and then removes it from your grasp :scream:

I would imagine something like that would also be more resource intensive as you’d be effectively running the regen process on the entire world, as opposed to just the places that had been modified from their original state.

Wait, so what you’re saying is that the world Regenerated works as intended that makes sure everyone has a leveled playing field? Yet, you think it’s unfair because you want to sit on a deposit and it should regenerate for you so that way you don’t have to do anything besides log on?

How’s that fair? How is it fair that, because you were able to get the game a month before someone else, that you can claim a titanium site, leaving the new player(s) to hope that no one else has claimed all of the titanium? That would discourage a lot more potential players from joining just to make you happy.

Edit: This was towards your initial post. I see, now, that you have made additional comments and I will read them as soon as I have a chance

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but you dont have a decent supply

all you have is what you mined and the rest is gone. and when it regens it may just be nothing but rocks you dont need… so if a new regen every week happened it would cycle that… because if theres something you need there youre going to mine it and then its gone

at least this would not prevent an area from being useless for more than a week or two weeks or whatever was chosen as being useful


what im saying before you misconstrue my thoughts and intent

is that when i signed up for the game, on the boundless website and maybe even still be there, is the implication that you would in fact be able to lock down areas of land for the purpose of taxation.

Before i continue, i would like to remind you all that you have imaginations and brains for a reason. if you limit everything to how you read it, youll limit your opportunity to grow.

back on topic…

we can still do that however its first time mining only… no rare resource is so abundant that locking down a small tract of gold ore is really gonna give you that much of an advantaged when a) any non ore block can be mined and come back as any block (as long as its within that spawn range) and b) the regen rates for locked down tracts of land could be adjusted. it doesnt have to be gold every 24 hrs. it could be 1 time a week or two weeks. or month, that is if they were to give a method to do it i.e. special beacon type.


the last thing i mentioned in regard to this would be a regeneration of unmined areas every so often. in this way, areas that arent getting mined for whatever reason be it that its nothing but rock or peat, would get cycled for a chance to be useful. That way the areas you ignore while mining eventually have a chance to be mined.

dont limit an idea or concept by your current situation. things can be added changed, created or adjusted…

i mean… one block of ‘mine beacon’ with a 14d regen period… per 10 ranks of miner… wouldnt be so terrible. no too soon? 100d? i dunno, maybe ill just give up and wait till there are a thousand more people in game before i start expressing my opinions

The taxation feature was for being allowed on your land. Now, if you could actually rent access, that’d be a different story. Then I’d concede to a different approach because you could rent access to players who want to mine on your plot.

I will agree that the current regeneration rate seems to be a bit quick given how difficult it is to find resources and how much digging is required to finally find a node.

With that said, and as you said “don’t limit an idea or concept by your current situation,” we have to look at the big picture and remember that this is supposed to be an MMO with (potentially) thousands of other players connecting and trying to enjoy the game. Yes, I want to be selfish and lock down nodes foryself without having to compete for materials. However, if that was a mechanic, how would it look to you, as a new player, if you spent triple my hours of playtime only to find nothing, because all of the nodes were found by the lucky people who logged in before anyone else?

If it was only untouched blocks that would regenerate, this would mean as the population grew and more plots were claimed, that would increase the chance of each chunk to generate ores that were once rare. Then as these new generate seams are claimed, it continues this cycle as more people claim. You are now creating an imbalance of ore vs non ore blocks, and that titanium that felt like a (rewarding) grind has become as common as dirt.

With the mechanics how they currently are, at any given time only X% of each seam can exist. As they are mined out, they have a chance of generating somewhere else, maintaining that percentage

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