Return/Refund option for shop stand

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Simply off/on option.

If ON, it would let the owner to set how much time the buyers have to return item they are not satisfied with and get their money back.

Item would have to be returned in the same state of course (durability) or be the same type, color etc.

Coins from such purchase would have to be locked for the duration of return option, so they can’t be collected by the stand owner.

This wouldn’t work out very well. For instance I see someone buying glowing lamella at 100c ea and I don’t have enough to get all the coin from the basket but found someone selling at 30c so I just buy and then sell it but go farm it to “return” the items.

Or I buy forged gear and try to sell it on my own for more but it’s not sold 5 min before timer is up so I just return it and buy it again just to try again and selling it. Too much exploit possible

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As much as I think this would be a cool feature… due to my experience with dealing with this kind of stuff in real life, I am gonna have to hard pass on this idea. In my line of work, people abuse return policies of companies to the point where the business bleeds revenue every day because of this kind of stuff. They’re basically legally stealing money from the company. Sometimes thousands of dollars every week too. It’s cancerous.

Right now shop stand and request basket transactions aren’t recorded and archived. So it would make it hard to verify a transaction someone had in your shop. On top of that there’s nothing that’s stopping someone from buying something at a rock bottom price to “return” it to you in your shop for possibly 500+% more in profit.

I think if people want to buy low and sell high for their money making strategy without running a shop or getting thousands in Footfall, they would basically do something along the lines of running “freight” between shops. Buy from shop stands cheap and sell at request baskets for higher price. The real problem with this is finding an item that can be cycled through that in a large enough quantity to make it worth it. The challenge with running freight is the lack of shops that update their prices because there’s so many inactive shops out there.

Anyways, it’s an interesting idea. Just not sure if it would work.

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the item with return policy could be locked from being sold until the time passes (it wouldnt be possible to even put it in the stand or player-to-player trade slot)

I ain’t sure it would work either - just popped in my head when I was undecided what color of certain item I wanted - if I had a return option (even 15 minutes), i would have picked 3-4 colors, paid for them, brought to my build, tried them out, made a decision and returned the ones I didn’t select.

It is a very tricky idea for sure, when I look at it - good to see others showing what can get wrong with it. Interesting to ponder, for me at least.

I am not against the idea per-say, just want it to mechanically protect people selling stuff to avoid exploits and abuse. It’s definitely something that should be functionality to shop stands and request baskets if possible.

I think it’d be good for certain things, I accidentally bought some power coils for compacters by accident when I meant to get them for my extractors. Because I forgot which one I was supposed to use to make leather

Well if it does get put into the game then there should be a partial refund cause of taxes cutting out of the original purchase. So basically a restocking fee for the product.

That way at least the shop owner gets to keep some of the coin from the original sale. Then again, these should all be settings a shop owner would need to have the flexibility to set. There would be a lot of them. Like a slider for restocking fee.

As far as not knowing what machine uses what crafting material, I think this kind of responsibility is the same that applies to someone buying something from a store in real life. Double check, triple check, etc. There needs to be a little bit of responsibility on the customer of a shop in Boundless. If you don’t know what machine uses leather or what crafting recipe uses something then it’s helpful to ask or look it up with your crafting character in game using the Knowledge tab.

Honestly, even if return and refund functionality was given to shops, I probably would want to turn it off. It’s just too much of a hassle to deal with in real life and I much rather not have to let coin sit in a shop stand or item sit in a request basket just to make sure I am refunding people and accepting returns. That’s slowing down projects, making it more difficult to keep the shop stocked, etc.

So I’d just turn the option off if it was actually available in game to use.

Yeah I don’t really think that the feature is necessary, but there should be a way to contact the owner, maybe a notice board or something.

I’ll still use all the coils eventually once I have my big workshop going so its no big loss as well


If this feature is considered, I would like to see the taxation accomplished after the sale or purchase was finalized (refund period has expired). Whether it was an exchange from a stand or basket shouldn’t matter if the refund can only be accomplished at the exact same stand/basket.

how could you be unhappy with a purchase?
you see what you buy, if you buy a black meta brick then you get a black meta brick.
i dont see an issue here…

If you over buy on those black meta bricks they just sit around taking up storage space. Particularly if you only need a specific amount of it for something and not thousands.

um i think its easier when ppl just calculate and check what they really want, instead that development time and efford is being used to implement a refund option.

Seriously not needed…u know what ur getting or dont buy it…Its a game. Not real life

The thing is every idea can work if it’s explored enough by the development team.

I don’t think it’s needed either but that doesn’t mean people wouldn’t use it as a shop owner or shop customer.

If it leads to people having more fun, that’s a positive thing. Not negative.

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