Returning after being hit with Nostalgia

Heyo there! It’s been a while and I mean a very long while since I’ve returned to the Boundless universe. I’m stepping back in with a couple of friends who wanted to make a return as well. What got me stirred up to play Boundless again was it’s Soundtrack which struck the right notes in my head to remember the experiences I had in the game, most specifically the songs “Age Of Analimbic Full Mix” and “Angry Fight Music Full Mix”.

Having seen the Phasic Shift Inc. HQ building absolutely gone was a shock to me as I did a lot of things there along with the Guild. This has certainly left me needing to regain some lost knowledge now that I’ve only got my characters and leftover equipment hanging in my inventory, but the semi-fresh start is a bit invigorating to actually have some goals to reach out for, especially with a friend who is new to the game. So, it’s a learning experience for the both of us and the rest of my little group lol.

I’ve not kept up with a lot of things about Boundless except the news I heard about the new publisher, which certainly sounds like great news considering the departure from Square Enix. I’m still a big fan of Boundless even after all the time I was absent, I just couldn’t help but feel burnt out at a certain point when I ran out of drive to direct myself into my own goals. I wished to see the Titan’s that were mentioned before and maybe see if there were going to be explorable Points of Interests like ruins or dungeons, which may have fueled my burnout further when such features weren’t going to be around in the near future.

Other than that, I’m looking to casually get back in and do some things again, maybe not to the same extreme as before as I’ve accrued many other games I keep on my schedule, but I do hope to be around and doing things again reliably.

So… What’s been happening, what’s been going on? Anything new since I’ve last played or how has the player retention been?


Welcome back :wink:


Welcome Back :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Excellent piece indeed. Entire soundtrack is cool of course. :sunglasses:

More than that. Monumental are the new owners of the title and they will oversee development. They will assemble a new dev team at some point and start working on updates eventually (after deciding what need doing first).

Welcome back and have a blast. :grin:


Warmest welcome back :blush:


Thanks guys, it is nice to be back and tinkering around again!

Oh wow! I didn’t really catch that part I guess. Are there still Wonderstruck developers that are working on Boundless or has that not been mentioned at all? This still does seem like good news though as development can continue.


Welcome back! More builders means more things to go look at ! Woohoo


Hehe thanks! And can agree with that, just need a plan for one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Simply - Monumental bought the game, they got and completing own DEV team to continue to develop game, , from what i know few Wonderstruck Dev team members working for Monumental? its kinda complicated :smiley:


Understandable, but thanks for the info you were able to give anyways. I know Wonderstruck have had a rough time getting new content through especially when they were caught up in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s nice to know there is going to be more progress with Monumental acquiring Boundless and pushing some new Devs to help it along.


Welcome back casual player! :slight_smile:

Lot’s of us people that will take Boundless to the grave… otherwise most things are more the same than different.


Welcome back. <3 :smiley:


Welcome back!


Welcome Back!