Returning. But to What?

I’ve been away from the game for a long time but thinking of coming back as sort of a side project. But I’ve noticed portal seekers r gone and almost every hub has like 80% of their portals closed.
I come here to post this forum for one reason.
In your personal and absolutely honest opinion, Is Boundless dead and is it worth returning with next to no community??


Well I was going to post a picture of popcorn as I can see this going off in a number of directions. So I will give you a neutral answer. Why not come back and make that decision. I wish I could tell you if it was worth it for you, but I can’t answer that only you can.

I started 6 months ago and the community is awesome… but since I am new I never saw how the game was previously. Like I tell everyone if you like the game play it… if not there’s always others.

I will say the game is far from dead for me … and it is far from no or next to no community.


I would say if you want to build and enjoy that or exploring for new builds then it can be worth it. There is still a small group of community and activity. If you are the type that won’t be mad if the game doesn’t come back from this Developer silence then again it can be worth the time investment.

If you are someone that will feel like that situation is “wasted time” then I’d suggest go play other games until we finally see an update or hear more details on where development really stands. We know most (if not all) of the Devs ended up working on Balders Gate 3 since they got a big project to help there and keep their studio (boundless) having a solid income. But, that has caused silence on where Boundless stands.

The last statement from them made it clear they were still keeping the game alive… we just don’t know when it leaves the hospital after it wakes up from the current coma.


As someone who has yet to take a break since the game started officially-- I play to have fun. I don’t need to have a massive community to support me in building fun things. When people come and go thats great. We have our voice chat on discord with friends and just have a great time. – I don’t think of the game as dead, or ending, because it’s a sandbox game. Sandbox’s don’t need hundreds of folks running all over your place, but it depends on what YOU do to enjoy games like this. If you are joining to make friends there are still more than enough and people joining every day.

I wouldn say give it a go and see for yourself. I personally say it’s worth it, and if you wanted to build with friends, the GTG folks are very active, Glitch world is really Active, HSE – if you can find their guild book [Spoiler, It’s like a game!], Reapers are also really fun! I have seen a ton of new friends over at KREE – which has been one of two main active hunting groups [along with GTG] in the game.

We still have TNT, ULTIMA, and a few other hubs not as large in popularity, but still pretty amazing! [GTG has their own, ODF has a hub network of sorts and some other folks]

So-- things can still go on and I still enjoy logging in every day. :slight_smile:


Very well. I see there are still people around. I will probably return when i can buy it on pc. Its just really confusing trying to get around without the portal seekers hub. I’m hoping some of this community will help me find a new hub. I’ve seen people mention different hubs but a planetary hub over a player base hub is far more convenient.
also is it crossplatform? because I played on ps4 but would rather play on PC


The TNT Megahub is there for you and accesses most everywhere in the game you don’t have to worry.


Sweet It’s so sad to see so many closed portals. i guess soon enough everything old gets cleared and a new world begins. Looking forward to returning. i remember we built a castle on a lava lake on a planet to dangerous to even survive without lvl 3 or 4 resistance lol

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I look forward to seeing you in game.

is there anywhere most the community hangs out? like chat rooms and stuff? or is that all done here on this website

A lot of people on Discord.


Ahh sweet
I’ll get on that asap

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Do you know if its crossplatform??

guess i can just google it lol

It is fully crossplatform PC + Playstation.
The main portal hubs are TNT (Circ) and ULTIMA (Eresho). There are some other nice hub areas at EZPZ (Maryx) and DKMall (Tana).


You won’t be able to use your leveled PS4 character, but you’ll be in the same universe with your old friends.

Correct! PC and PS4 are cross play in this game! If you need a PC key I think I still have an old humble bundle key when they gave the game away for free. I’d be willing to let ya have it!

Shoot me a message on Discord: Nonie_The_Pup#0214


the point is i can steal all my super expensive hammers from my ps4 account hahaha


that would be greatly appreciated i just added you

The thing would be your plot pool. If you don’t have much to lose or don’t mind starting mostly fresh, go for it. You could always can always piggyback off your PS toon your only need to keep the beacons alive somehow until you can take em over. Either way play it until you feel like you stop enjoying it.

If you ever need a portal at TNT, feel free to join us on discord.

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I could see new players and more and more people streaming Boundless on twitch and give them a bit of support, I myself took my 2 kids into the game and they love it. There are still a lot of great guilds active like TNT, GTG, Glitch, EZPZ I’m pretty sure they will be happy to support you.

Welcome back, have fun.