Returning player asking for help

Hello folks!

After taking a large break (several years). I’ve decided to come back and check the state of the game.
I had a spare key that I’ve gifted to a friend so we will probably play in duo.

Can you guys give me a brief summary of the most important point of interest ?

Main mall, portal network, meeting planet for hunts, etc… Which planet is more likely easy to see some players around ?


Dragon’s Lair network, Future Network, and The Hive are a few of the current networks.

There’s several regular Hunt groups that are active and they usually post on the forum and discord prior to a hunt.

Player population is pretty small at the moment and spread out, but you will usually see people on Circarpous in and around the Dragon’s Lair Hub.


Drag0n’s Lair network also has a hall of “useful information” including listings of currently known hunts, hunt leaders, and usual times of hunt.

Also, do you need any equipment such as tools, grapples, and some starting coin?

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Welcome back! Always good to see players returning.

As others mentioned while the population, may be smaller, we are small, but mighty.

Dragon’s Lair is definitely the current “main” hub, but there are a few others. There are still quite a few hunts happening and as far as malls go there aren’t as many or any near as big as a few were, but Starlight Mall and Gyosha Mall tend to be two I visit.

As far as building, I was had my previous base on a sovereign and quit for 3-4 months and came back. I rebuilt on Circarpous because it costs the least to fuel a portal to the largest hub and Circarpous has a good bit of space to build on. It’s probably sees the most people on a daily basis.


If you are not already a part of a discord here is the official one. I have also included the Dragonslair discord and you are welcome to join it as well. There are hunt channels on each. The boundless one is labeled looking for groups, The Dragonslair one is listed as Hunt announcements. Hope to see you in game!

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Thanks all for the welcome and tips.

Population it’s been always kinda small, but that never was a problem. Community it’s been always very social and nice.
Glad to be back. I’ve started a base at circ with two other friends. Will need some days to remember all the things and figure out what project to do.

I’ve got some beacons to reclaim. I’m pretty sure I’ve got plenty of materials and tools to start. Thanks all for the help. Cheers!