Returning player with a few questions

I just recently got back to playing boundless again and have a few questions(Sorry if this is a lot):

  1. Can I have a brew buff and food buff active at the same time?
    I know foods do not stack but, just recently got all the mats to make some of the brews. The main one I am looking to make is the health smoothie.

  2. What is a hunt?
    I see every so often in chat that looking for people for hunts, I already guess that it just a group to go to higher tier plants and farm mob.

  3. Is there a easy way to keep track of what items you need to craft things?
    I am wanting to get into forging better gear but trying to keep a list of what I need and where to get them is getting a little messy for me. Right now I just been using boundlessinfo for the recipe tree and boundlesscrafting to figure out where to find items if I don’t remember where to get said item.

  4. Is there any reason/benefit to building a base on higher tier worlds?
    Right now I just been building on Beckon and Using the TNT hub to go to a different world when needed.

  5. What causes a meteor to spawn?
    I am trying to gather items but a few to many time the meteor drops near me and if it spawns cuttletrunks they seem to follow me more then the other mobs and kill me.

  1. Yes you can have a brew & food at same time

You “Can’t” have a food/food buff at same time nor a brew/brew buff

  1. & 5. A Hunt is a Group of people that go Hunting on Tier 3 - Tier 6 planets for farming Meteorites the more people the bigger the meteorite the higher the tier the better rewards & Meteorites Spawn by a player or Group entering a New Region

  2. My answer is to come up with a method of organization that you are comfortable with

(if anyone has any ideas or better answer on this one I got no clue I hardly craft or forge :joy::joy:)

  1. Everyone kinda leaves you alone on the higher tiers + there’s more Space to build & expand but no there is no reason or benefit to building on the higher tiers but it’s there if you decide to challenge yourself (you gotta always be on your guard if your building everything will kill you :joy:)

@NinSegaBros if you running at any planet tier 3 and above - meteor will spawn after you enter the new planet region :smiley: is what spawn meteors - entering a new planet reguion where is noone other around at the same time, the first person entering a region forcing meteor to land around
thats the HUNT idea, gather friends, pick a planert, run in a group in circle in frew surrounding regions forvcing meteors to spawn one after another :smiley:

Welcome Back!

Here’s something that was shared a long time ago regarding meteor spawns, probably old enough it could use a re-posting.

As far as I know both systems are still in effect, and I suspect they’re a bit more aggressive (shorter timeouts) on exo worlds. They didn’t exist yet at that time so while there’s some speculation there - given what was said it’s probably the case.

Anyways you just have to basically hang out at T3+ to spawn the occasional meteor. If someone is hitting region centers nearby you’ll see more. So in the end the more you travel around, and/or the more people around, the more you’ll see.

I mainly use boundlesscrafting, boundlexx, and BUTT for on-the-fly boundless info. I go to boundlesscrafting for the recipes though. Boundlexx or a derivative site to find colors or look at known resource counts for public worlds - which can be perm, exo, or sov. BUTT for economic data, mainly. Mayumichi’s site has more tools though, as do the other sites listed. Oh And pfiffel’s site for dmg/drop info.

Don’t underestimate the in-game knowledge base, either. It’s much more complete and interlinked/useful than it once was.

Revive brews are an exception to the brew/brew buff rule. You can use them over any other buffs. You can also use some of the “instant” brews with other buffs - where something like a smoothie will provide you with some heal over time, and that will remove any other brew buff you’re using. Except revive heh.

IDK that’s what I can think to add. I haven’t been around much but still daily at the forum so, welcome back :slight_smile:

Knowledge tab in the player’s menu. Type the name of item in the search bar and you can check ingredients needed (however it only shows maths for single craft, you can’t check numbers for bulk and mass).
If I don’t remember what I need for a certain item I want to craft, I usually interact with the machine the item is crafted in and check all info there. However, it will only show items you are able to craft (so, items locked behind skills that you don’t have, won’t show on the list there).

I have several crafting recipes written down on a sheet that I keep next to my PC, so I can take a look there without minimizing the game and checking websites and such. Just my little thing.

You mentioned Forging, here is a nice post with good information to get you back in to the swing of it and can go from there.

Hello and welcome back!

Looks like everyone here have answered your questions already. As for recipe tracking i normally open a notepad on a second monitor (pc player) and write the amounts and short hand the item names when tracking lots of things

The if you are trying to track what forging buffs you want, there is a nice spreadsheet style display towards the end of this page (other good info there too through):

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! The community is very helpful and knowledgeable :grin:

Since I can’t edit, the wiki page had only the flavor text for each quirk, not the actual “kiss/curse” I’m trying to update from memory in () but i don’t recall it all, and I’m not finding solid answers here for each of them (which is which i mean, i know one increases health bar, energy bar, reduces energy use, improves action speed, but exactly which one is each is something I’m struggling to pull off the top of my head without jumping into the game and I’m at work sadly)

Question about hunts, when someone is looking for people for them does it matter what gear you have or do you need certain items before you join?

I forgot about the knowledge tab, it pretty much gives me most of the info I need on how to find/craft an item. The only thing I don’t see on it that would be useful is world level/tier. All I remember is placid-1, Temperate-2, and Rugged-3.

@boundmore I might just have to write some down on notepad to help me keep a list instead of having multiple tabs opened.

@Wondernut I remember reading some of this when I first stared but did not try to do any forging back then thanks for the link.

Thank you to all that answered. I been having more fun by trying to do a little of everything that available instead of just doing the few things I originally liked doing.

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Nothing more than bring your slingbow (Depends on the atmosphere of the planet) and that’s it join the hunts and have fun :blush:

Welcome back :hugs:

Most have “rules” which is more like etiquette. Common ones are:

don’t be super spammy with the chat (makes it hard for hunt instructions to be seen), Don’t open warps (use santium warp instead), follow hunt leader instructions, use healing bombs only (other bombs players will take as griefing even if your intentions are good), and follow the group between meteors (most are “platform hunts” so they have spots near a region center they warp to then everyone enters the center to aid in forcing meteors to spawn).

Most will only “recommend” a bow type, i think only t7 hunts have “gear requirements” or “preferred skill page builds” only because they are quite challenging and if you get 10 people, but only 3 of them are geared for it, it can be a lot more difficult to complete them than nessarry.

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Need to have: Slingbow or fist

Nice to have: Revive brews to revive self, loot/light stick, revive augments to revive others, some food, campfire or 2, couple of chests to place on campfire to unload mid hunt (or when inventory is full) slingbow augments for that extra PEW-PEW!