Returning player

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Hey hey, I have left for quite some time, but now I have decided to come back and enjoy the game once again and start marveling at the new updates whoile i was gone.


Welcome back :slight_smile:

Welcome back, I haven’t been playing for that long but I can say that I’ve stopped playing every other game when I started playing boundless.:grin:


Welcome back! I did the same thing and it has been amazing coming back to the game so far.

my only thing is i have nonstop lag
even in my homeworld solum

Non stop lag is quite annoying, might be your internet connection or your pc.

What are your pings from ?

Server Ping 1 Ping 2 Ping 3 Result
Europe 148 ms 150 ms 146 ms All good
US-East 59 ms 59 ms 59 ms All good
US-West 47 ms 47 ms 55 ms All good
Australia 250 ms 258 ms 250 ms All good

Consider dialing back some of your graphics settings. If that has no effect, you can change some settings for chunk caching.

Your ping results are looking fine, so I’m suspecting that it is PC/hardware related.

As Havok40k said, check your graphic settings and try setting them a little lower than you used to do before. Maybe the game became a little heavier after all those fancy updates :slight_smile: