RGB, signs, isignia, and a million other things

Right so this is basically a list of all the things i’d like to see, discuss, hear about whatever. a million things and nothing less with lots of pretty pictures! nah just kidding, but this will be alot of different questions i think would be stupid to make an entire post about and things that have been discussed before, i apologize for grammatical setup and what not since im not native english, please bear with me, so here goes.


Right, so most people know what it means but to those of you who dont, it means Red/Green/Blue, we can see 16 million different colours and the RGB Scale covers them all by having values ranging from 0 to 255. basically we can use any color we should so desire, Point being that it would be nice to have this ingame, for character creation, emblems and more. will mention it later in other areas but for a start and the main area i would love to see it used would be character customization.
in games there are 2 factors against each other, realism and fun. that also goes into the character customization, I personally love playing around while making a character and being feel like im unique, so i would love to see a RGB scale for atleast eyes and haircolor, i think skin would be too funky to use that with but atleast eyes and hair, with that we go back to the 2 factors, if we let somebody use any hair and eye color some would say it would be completely against rp and plain out stupid, but well i would love to see that

another idea i have been thinking about would be for hardcore rp’ers, that you dont automatically saw the name of another player and they had to tell you or you had to be in a party with them before you now it, that way there may be that one dedicated dude ingame that always shows up to kill the titan with you and always buys the best gear but nobody knows his name because his face is always hidden in a hood. something like that, kinda suicidal idea but nice if they could get it working

I’m split between the realism and fun factor again and i’ll have to pick a side when we get further along but i dont think mobs should drop loot there are for an against them dropping gear like weapons and armor
For: You dont have to rely on a crafter to get gear, its much easier
Against: You kill a pig and it drops a 2 hand axe twice its size, thats kinda stupid. it makes crafting much more important a much more intergral part of the game so if people want gear they need to find it from other places or craft it
That said i think it would be awesome to have hidden chests, and the bigger monsters that actually wear weapons and armor shold drop some too, so its not like no mobs should drop it, i just prefer a logical loot system.

I could spent more time on making my character look epic and finding just the right looking armor more than anything, and i dont think there are anything more annoying than being stuck in the same look of armor without any way to change it, so we are going to need dyes. I have 2 ideas for making it that would both require a GW2 approach where you can dye 3 or 4 places on each armor piece, 1 would be to have a dye crafting tree called stylist, the higher they got the more epic dyes they could make and use on your gear. the 2nd would be to have like GW2 that had almost 300 dyes you could find, use and then you could dye your gear at any time, i loved that system and think it would be cool to have something like that in this game

Character customization:
as you may see from the other things, i love the freedom of being able to customize my character precisely the way i want to so i would like to see alot of options. i would cry if you did like 2 eye styles, 4 hairstyles and 5 face styles. what i would like to see that is becoming the norm is sliders, everybody loves sliders, everything from the size of the jaw to the lenght of your feet (and chest sliders, we need those…) Jokes aside i hope we get a detailed way of being able to customize our characters, no need to be as deep as black desert, but as a bare minimum be something like tera onlines or Guild wars 2’s and would be cool if stylist crafting could also change hairstyles and something like that.

Gear customization:
Seen on other parts of the forum as well, we want to be able to customize the way our gear looks, on armor it would be neat to chose between a few patterns maybe and with weapons i would love to see things like swords not just being swords, so when you craft a sword you can choose broadsword, katana, swasbuckler, tanto, curved swords all with different stats, so broadsword is slower but has more dmg, katana has a long reach but only normal speed and dmg and so on.

the character progression ingame is going to be very important, you have been talking about crafting but i would like to see recipes, scattered around the world in different places, so instead of crafting being ‘‘you hit 50 out of 400, 4 new recipes unlocked’’ it would be something more like you had a few basic, you have to find other yourself either in hidden chests or by destroying an item to have a chance to see how the item was made

Emblems / signs
I’m planning on being a crafter that owns a shop and leader of a bigger guild, so i will need a way to distingush myself from the rest, this has also been said on other parts of the forum for gear but this is how i imagine it
I would like a mix of COD BO2 and wow style emblem maker, so i can craft a unique logo that is going to be known by, i’ll split it up in 2, the first is gear, i think the guild master should be able to make an emblem and any crafter in the guild should be able to place the emblem on items they make, so that way a guild can do activites together wearing the emblem on the gear for anybody to see, the other is signs, instead of having only minecraft text signs we should be allowed to used the emblem maker to make a certain sign for a shop, so i can customize an emblem for a sign that i can hang on top of the door so instead of being only another smith, they can see the logo and know that its me that runs it.

Yell chat
I personally dont want to see a global chat for the sake of rp but i think it would be nice to have a yell that that people could see further away if we had to make like events or tournaments in bigger arenas.

Random animals.
another thing i have also talked about on another part of the forum, i know you guys said that some of the animal elements would be random, there are 2 things i would like to see. 1 would be for animals to have parts, so the pig with the mohawk the body would be one part, that mohawk would be another and then see those parts would be colored randomly by the RGB scaled and put into the games of small packs of maybe 10, that way you may stumble upon a really awesomly colored animal that there is only ever going to be 1 little group of and the chances that they will spawn again will be very small that way we could make them unique and a guild may tame them for use only for the guild leaders that would make it some kind of uniquely recognizeable pet, the other would be stats randomly put, so a tiger you find may have a 100 damage but only 30% increased movement speed and 5% extra spring but another tiger you find may have 50 damage, 50 movement speed and 15 % extra sprint, so you can get pets that can dmg, pets that can carry more if you add that, run faster or sprint for longer

think i had some more but this will probably have to do for now. apologize the long post and i may put some more things into the post down below, please do post your opinions and ideas you kinda want to share but not enough to make a post



I thought that it could be a cool idea to add a custom emblem that is applied to members of guilds/clubs etc. This could be done in a number of ways, using an in game system that a lot of others use where you get a bunch of layers and you select a shape or pattern for that layer along with a color such as that seen in CoD . Or some games, the mmo Tera for example, allow players to upload an image of a specific resolution that will be displayed next to their name as an indication of their guild’s emblem. I think that that second option would help to stick to the pro-community and creative nature of Oort online and would help to make each emblem more unique to each guild.