Rift Grapples Auction

Time for a new Auction. :smile:
This time its a pair auction. Winner can choose 2 Rift grapples with boons of their choosing.
Ofcourse the boons will be maxed out. Starting Bid 90k
No Quirks or Defects

The grapples will be made once the auction ends. “If we do not have the wanted grapples in storage”
They will be completed within 3 hours of telling me what boons you want.

Starting Bid 90k
Highest Currently: Ark 150k
Ends 26/5 20:00 Est Time


I’ll start it out with the 90k

I’ll raise it to 100k

105k is my next bid


10 chars

Put me down for 110k

115,000 for the pair.

120,000 here

Put me down for 121000c


10 chars.

Put me down for 123,000!

One hundred and twenty-five thousand.

I’ll put up 126k c

One hundred and thirty thousand.

Only 4 and a half hours left on this auction :slight_smile:

131k c for the next

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132,500c :man_shrugging:

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134,000 c.

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Well this is exciting.

Well I do need a new set of grapples and I haven’t completely learned forging yet. Sooo with that in mind. 1 billion dollars :sweat_smile:

But as a serious bid 135k coin