Rift Grapples


I am looking for a Forger who can forge some Rift Long-Range Grapples.

Currently using the following grapples.
Projectile Speed: 70m/s
Action Speed: 25
Max Range 55m
Reel In: 80m/s
Reel Out: 80m/s

Let me know if you have some available, I can come take a look.


Lol I tagged this guy twice now today.

Bought these from @Blendly a couple weeks ago. Right now I’m wearing out an older pair I had stashed for a gleambow since my last supplier said he didn’t want to do it any more:


These are my selected boons, I don’t care about reel speed, and for this much work I like to have the double durability. In any case he forged these maxed and made to order in a very short time, also offered a great price.

If he wants to do it, I’d suggest reaching out. They eat a lot of high end forge mats so sometimes it’s hard to get done. Blendly if you want some forge work the gleambow announcement today will guarantee you customers.

Hi there @Sneekystone

Maybe I have an alternative as the Maxed out Emerald grapples that I make are not bad compared to what you are looking for, but way cheaper for sure.


For 20.000c I will make 2 of these grapples for you as a personal offer/trade.

Let me know what you think, thanks !

Hello SWProzee!

I would love a pair of those, could I con you into making 2 pairs? I would gladly pay 60k for 2 pairs.


Friendly Oortian,
Sneeky / Sneekystone

Hi @Sneekystone,

Sure I will make them. I will login right now.

Can I meet you ingame ?

Sure thing! I will be home in just a few minutes - I am already in game. So shouldn’t take me long.

Where would you like to meet up? TNT hub?

Made them already, they must process now.

Yeah I will go to TNT right now.
My alt account is Testing-game.

Order received!

Perfect Grapples! - Very ecstatic with the results.

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Glad I could help you out :slight_smile:

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