Rift Shotgun Auction (48 Hours)


An other go with a exo auction :smile:
Doing a longer timer this time since not sure if everyone was able notice last auction due to it was only 12 hours.

Rank 470. Max damage, Max Crit damage, +5 Num projectiles. Starting bid 60k

No Anti Snipe Timer.

Current highest bidder: Nightstar 80k
Ends 5/16 10pm CT


Il bite, bidding 65k


I’ll bid 70k


Kill all the things and look good doing it!


Quick question… Does it say that it has a 0% to crit, but if it does crit, that it’ll do 175% of the damage?


yeah pretty much


Also, probably another question I really should know already… is criticaling pie the only way to improve it?


skill tree has some options for crit chance too

Agility Bonus 8x2% => 16% max.
Atributs Bonus 5/5Points give 2% extra

that mean you can get 18% with skills


It’s 20% with a full agility build, each 10 points grant ~2.222%.
And Criticaling Pie unfortunately only applies to the critical chance bonus from agility, so with 0 points in it for example it will do nothing, at max it will double it to 40% but won’t apply to any item bonus.


Btw here is the calculated dmg. It also tells how many hits each monster needs with that weapon.
Just add in what monster it is down below and it will say how many hits it requires.


What hes saying is the base damage of this shotgun one shots every mob in the game but the highest wildstock =p crit is irrelivent


17 Hours left


3 hours left


Eh screw it, bidding 72k because why not


I love me a new toy hehe 75k


54 min left




15 min left. Remember there is no snipe timer, so last highest bid when the time runs out wins.


5 min left


looks like i have the same time you do,but the forum timestamp is off by a few minutes.

80k though…

I took the single shot on a hunt today. Planet wsa ‘neutral’ to the bow crit was just over 30k. Finished on diamond, I’ll save that bad boy for the right planet.