Riverton Shop

Hello everyone!

Relocated the ship for easier access. Portal located in the Biitula PS hub, Right next to world spire.


Now selling

Starberry and Earthyam Risotto @ 90c
Teaching Pudding @ 500c
Shielding Rissoto @ 300c

Please bring some sap and sweet beans so that I can buy them :slight_smile:

Sap @ 23c
Milk gland @ 6c
Sweet beans @ 24c
Soft coal @ 5c
med coal @ 12c
hard coal @ 35c

Re-coined all my baskets, really need fibrous leafs and sweet beans and all the coals

Earthyam Risotto @ 90c

Restocked on Learning Pudding
Recoined all baskets

Learning Pudding @ 500c
Shielding Risotto @ 300c
Earthyam Risotto @ 90c

Milk Gland @ 6c
Sap @ 21c
Fibrous Leaf @ 25c
Soft Coal @ 5c
Medium Coal @12c
Hard Coal @ 35c
Trunks @ 2c
Sweet Bean @ 24c

Re-coined Baskets
Now buying
Raw Starberries @ 6c
Raw Earthyams @ 6c
Raw Waxy Earthyam @ 20c

Lowered Price
Shielding Risotto @ 250c

Re-Coined Baskets
Now Buying
Gnarled Grass @ 1c
Rock Salt @ 4c

Now Selling
Teaching Porridge @ 250c
Meat Risotto @ 95c
Iron Axe @ 140c
Iron Hammer @ 140c
Iron Shovel @ 140c

Re-Model, Same spot Different look!

Re-coined all the baskets

Soft Coal 8c
Medium Coal 12c
Hard Coal 35c
Sweet Beans 40c
Barbed Grass Seed 1c
Sap 23c
Trunks(all) 2c
Rock(all) 2c
Bones 12c
Fibrous Leafs 24c

Learning Pudding 500c
Shielding Risotto 250c
Meaty Risotto 80c
Earthyam Risotto 80c
Iron Slingbow 140c
Iron Hammer 140c
Iron Shovel 140c
Iron Axe140c
Pulsating Orb 200c
Vital Orb 300c
Stones 5c


Recoined Baskets
Only buying Sweet beans at 50c

Now selling
Teaching Loaf at 1400c (50% exp)

Re-coined Baskets
Buying sweet beans 65c

Re-Coined Baskets
Sweet beans @ 65c
Exotic Yams @ 25c
Fibrous Leaf @ 40c
Sap @ 30c
Milk Glands @ 20c
Soft Coal @ 10c
Medium Coal @ 25c
Hard coal @ 80c
Rock Salt @ 8c

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